I Don’t Work Here. Just Send Me Checks

When I complained that a community selection committee should have representatives from the four active community groups-CrossroadsII, NWCA, SWCVCA, and SBF I was told that the city did not want to "embarass" the candidates with inappropriate questions. The three people who were the "community" selection committee were representatives of 3 community non-profits. I don't think any of them live in CV but their organizations all dealt directly with the police department which was the criteria used by the City Manger to select them. By the way there were only 3 final candidate who were interviewed and all 3 are or were on the board of SBCS? Also I got this info in an email, which is interesting and shows that being friends with the mayor and the DA really can make a difference in whether one is prosecuted in this county: "Hello -Saw the story on Bejarano – I just happened to check on a deposition on another legal matter involving South Bay Community Services and found quotes, under oath, made by Bejarano. He was being questioned about the $97K per year contract Presidential had with South Bay Community Services while he served on their Board. Regarding this contract, at the deposition on October 19, 2009, under oath, Mr. Bejarano stated: “ Since my appointment of Chief of Police, I’m not involved”, “I’m not involved in any operations involving the company”. Apparently, according to the U-T story, he was still writing checks.
— July 3, 2010 7:10 p.m.

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