Take a Hikey, Mikey

Mr Leighton, First I would appreciate you not putting words in my mouth. You know that I used "Should be shot" as an expression. Also one that referred to attempting to steal money from kids with autism not because they didn't play commercials. Nice try. Lets try and be civilized and stick to the facts here, if that is possible. That is the nature of this forum, is it not. I will try to make this simple for you to understand. Fact #1 Capone purposely tried to compete with the Mikeython directly during the hours that it ran. I think that makes it related not seperate. Fact #2 Mikey stated the facts. And his comments back that up. Slander requires a false statement. Fact #3 We live in America, where we have the right to free speech. Which is how you are able to write your comments on the topic as well. I am pretty sure that falls under the First Amendment. And Fact #4 Stealing money from little kids is and always will be wrong. Morals still exist Mr. Leighton. Defending little kids with austism doesn't make you a monster. Stealing from little kids makes you a monster. Sorry I think that last sentence makes fact #5 Now for my personal opinion, you should be ashamed of attempting to defend such an act. I am not here to defend Mikey but to give a voice to someone who cannot do it for them self. "Give a voice" is another expression fyi. Show some respect "Dude," those kids are people too. Next time I hear someone wants to advertise directly against a fundraiser I will be sure to let them know that there is someone in their corner to support them. Again "someone in their corner" is an Not that it matters but I don't believe you have audio of "the rant". 94.9 claims to not have audio of the show. I find it hard to believe that someone else recorded it on their own. Feel free to prove me wrong though. Sincerely Bryan Herness
— March 18, 2012 5:32 p.m.

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