Blaneous Noches

Name shame

Here are a couple of individuals professing that these public celebrations are not inclusive because they have in their description a reference to something faith based. I personally have never attended a religious or cultural celebration that did not openly welcome people of other faiths and cultures that desired to attend. That includes “All the Christmas Parades & Celebrations of other faiths and cultures that I have ever attended”. It’s great fun to experience the customs and celebrations of others different from our own. This is a small part of what makes America Great! Radical Muslims excluded for obvious reasons that they currently strictly profess not being inclusive… I see the real issue is Howard & Teddy attempting to impose their will and discriminate against others that wish to celebrate something unique to their beliefs. It does not exist in this world a single belief that is shared by all. Thus they would impose that we not celebrate any belief or culture independent of all others as they are not representative of the beliefs or heritage of all that inhabit this planet. Actually the vast majority of faiths and cultures are welcoming of others, so they are inclusive. It simply is that others choose not to share in those beliefs not that they are barred or prohibited. Howard & Teddy are free to organize and celebrate whatever they like especially if all are welcome and it is not offensive. I am left to wonder if these two and those that share their ideology are actually prejudice at a minimum they are attempting to control others by limiting their freedoms. Does this stem from their own hatred and lack of tolerance for others beliefs? This is America and regardless of the fact that America was founded on the principles of Christianity, America is as are most Americans inclusive of others. It would be so nice for Howard & Teddy to stop trying to impose their hatred and intolerance for others and let other Americans continue to celebrate their free will and beliefs as we have since we were founded. Give us all and especially the kid’s a break. Freedom is great, like Howard & Teddy you two are free to move as far away from here as you desire, please.
— August 20, 2014 1:14 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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