Blakely Sanford

Formerly of NBC 7/39

Back in the very early 1990s I was a Computer Service Center Manger. This was back in the days of medium to big iron computers. We took work in, data entered it, processed it, compiled it and printed it and shipped out the finished reports to our clients. Times were changing as the world was switching from mainframe computing to desktop computing. The company I was working for had about 36 service centers nation wide in 1990 and had cut back to about 15 service centers by 1991. I had already been through a shut down and closing of one service center and was transferred from the Midwest to Philadelphia. My new Vice President, a man who did not like or respect me, had not been through a previous shut down of one of his centers, so I was not going to fill him in on how it would go. I had closely followed if and when the Philadelphia service center would be closed. Service centers are like the extremities of your body. They are the first to go as your home office begins to consolidate. Just as your body requires blood to circulate, a service center requires telephone and data lines to stay alive. All I had to do was have the guys in the home office watch and notify me of whose plugs were scheduled to be pulled and when. The guys in accounting would confirm whose company credit cards were being cancelled too. So, on the day that I had figured out would be my last day, my new Vice President, was more nervous and antsy than usual. It was extremely unusual when he buzzed me and asked me to get a cup of coffee and join him in his office. He never had the time to sit down and talk to me. When I arrived, he was pacing in his office, hemming and hawing, trying to make small talk. Finally he said, “I just don’t know where to begin”. My reply was “Hell, Don, It’s over”. That took all the wind out of his sails. I will never forget my not letting him get the last word even on my last day. He didn’t get the pleasure of letting me go. That was May 22nd, 1992 the same last day as Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.
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I love their popcorn salt flavors.
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thank you
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