There's Been an Accident. Jadean Didn't Make It.

Although I agree with most of the story written by Ms. Thrasher, I did have a few issues with some of the missing and important pieces. I feel sorry for your loss, very much so. I have yet to know what such a loss could possibly feel like. The issue I have with the story is that very little was said about her daughter and what she knew of her reputation at school. Nobody deserves to die for wanting to have some fun, but to paint your daughter as an innocent, is not really telling us everything. Having said that, I know exactly what it can be like when the local police be it the sheriff or whomever, can seem to protect the person totally in the wrong. Why didn't the police investigate any of this? Why was a 26 yr old man not responsible for a minor taking off her seat belt? When Joe Blow citizen gets pulled over, we are responsible and nobody has died in those situations. I also have a problem with the local Ramona law enforcement's desire to protect Doug Garcia. Why do cops always seem to only believe the first story and not the whole story? Is Doug Garcia's family a big deal in Ramona? Why did law enforcement look the other way on all of the stories of underage girls he had dated? Dude, not only do you have a possible manslaughter charge go unpunished, but the possible possession of controlled substances AND statutory rape charges. Sounds to me like typical Ramona "Towny" b.s. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is when Mr. Garcia pays someone to serve the restraining order on the anniversary of Staci's daughter's death. What? Dude, Doug Garcia, do you know what Karma is? That's the most horrible thing I have ever heard of.
— June 9, 2008 6:49 a.m.

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