Tires Punctured, Warrant Sweep, Waterman Beaten

Happy Fathers Day! NOT. The residents of Father Joe’s Village who park their cars between National and Logan Avenues on Commercial Street had a rude awakening Sunday morning, June 19. Practically all the tires of every vehicle were punctured on the curb side. The rumor is that someone was smoking pot and a resident who was getting out of his car on Saturday threatened to call the cops on them. It’s not clear whether the cops ever showed up, but they pretty much leave the St. Vincent’s area to the security there to handle, unless they are called on. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, you see a cruiser at least every ten minutes or so, but if you’re not doing anything wrong, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Friday, June 17, the San Diego Police Department conducted a warrants sweep; that’s where they randomly ask people to provide their ID’s so they can run them to determine whether they are wanted for anything. The streets are probably just a little bit safer now, at least for the moment. David Ross, affectionately known as “Waterman Dave” among the homeless and their advocates, was beaten in front of the Neil Good Center the evening of Wednesday, June 15, by a man who allegedly felt he was entitled to a part of the settlement Dave got from the City of San Diego. Dave didn’t want to be interviewed about it, supposedly because he doesn’t want the publicity while trying to get the funding renewed for the toilets he provides to the homeless. With his own money and donations, Ross has provided portable toilets in neighborhoods where the homeless hang out. He successfully sued the City of San Diego to get a place on 9th Avenue where the homeless can store their belongings in a safe place.
— July 28, 2011 9:24 a.m.

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