Homeland Security

Wow. Well thank you for reviewing the album. I definitely think that an emcee that only uses the word [email protected] three times on 14 songs, and doesn’t mention women other than saying his wife is pregnant is far from cliché. But at any rate thank you for the coverage. And towelheadedcameljockey, listen to the music before you start using us as an example of recycling material. He can bash on it if he wants to, he listened to it, but you might actually be surprised. This album has been out for less than 4 months; we've done 6 shows. Give it time; you'll start hearing about us soon. But the best part is, you probably won't remember this review when you turn to your friends to tell them how dope we are. Everyone else, thank you for all your support... NOTB One more time yall: His topics are cutting edge — chants for the next generation of hungry hip hoppers the world over; boasts of sexual, fighting, and musical prowess; and what he can do to other deejays and emcees who stand in his way. See it just needed a little editing Ollie. I feel better now.
— November 20, 2008 4:04 p.m.

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