Pacific Beach Foot Traffic, Retail, Up in Smoke

So Eric, with your Swami ability (“It’s no surprise. We’ve seen this coming for a while now.”) you have chosen to do nothing about the problems that exist and just attack the community as a whole. Can you please explain to everyone why when a DUI takes place in PB and the survey is filled out of the place they had their last drink, your bar accounts for 18%? Swami #2. “I don’t think the individuals on the planning group or the town council are a true representation of the community. So I guess you are? Where do you live? Hint – not PB. I’m sure you have Gommer Pile working to show in court that residents are not residents and therefore and to whit have no meaning. Andy, Andy, Andy, it’s all a conspiracy (Hanshaw considers the complaints about the retail mix to be another strategy by some residents to restrict alcohol consumption in Pacific Beach. “The people on the town council have spent a long time on alcohol, and it is a large part of their agenda,”) OK sheriff Andy, what is the number of new liquor licenses’ that Pacific Beach needs to become a great community? 100, 200, 300? Because, after all this will create other business’ like auto repair, detox centers, vomitoriums , tattoo removal, attorney centers, topless bars, Garnet avenue escort services and liver transplant cooperatives. The BID (Bar improvement district) ran off Floyd’s barber shop 7 years ago. Thelma Lou lost her job and is living at the library. Aunt Bee has been told to shut-up by Gommer. Opee has opened a collective and has a two word vocabulary of Duh and Winning, and the town of PB is filled with everyone named Otis. Welcome to Mayberry 2011. Good job boys! Remember, TV shows get canceled.
— April 10, 2011 10:55 a.m.

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