Ward-Faulconer parking plan to Adams Ave. and Mid City groups: drop dead

Too cozy? One could go as far as to say, "incestuous" relationship of this very tight-knit group… Let's see, Kathleen "Kate" Hawthorne Ferrier formerly of Circulate SD, and now Chris Ward's office, is BFFs with Angie Landsberg of NPMS. Kate is also a former NPPC member. Angie is BFF's with Tyler Renner, et al of Chris Ward's office. Matt Stucky "the ice cream man" is involved with Circulate SD, new NPPC member (the week before they voted kind of NEW), and close friend of Colin Parent. Colin is the director of Circulate SD, close friends with all of the above, and a La Mesa council member. Interestingly, Colin's campaign manager (Estrada) is now Chris Ward's Communications Director. Throw Everett "The Erv" Hauser into the mix as the Mayor's Traffic Engineer; he’s a former SANDAG intern, very vocal and avid cyclist who attends Tuesday night races at the Velodrome, an Ironman and Grand Prix racer (seriously, check out his FB page... he is beyond stuck on himself and if it wasn't so gross, it would actually be funny). But really, how is The Erv's being a CITY traffic engineer who recommends policy in the city NOT a conflict of interest given that he is such a single-minded and avid cyclist? Ahhh, but I digress... all of these people have job hopped and glad-handed in order to position themselves within the city so they could get this ridiculous plan in motion before Chris Ward and Kevin Faulconer term out. Chris Ward needs to clean house and Kevin Faulconer should be embarrassed that this has happened under his lame duck watch. Both Ward and Faulconer should be focusing on the homeless situation in this city instead of playing with businesses and residents’ lives just so their little group of friends have aCYLCE TRACK on 30th Street. It will be interesting how their future political aspirations are affected by the cesspool they are leaving us in SD. *(Oh, I don’t have room to get into but don't forget Andy Hanshaw, Molly Burgess, Rachel Laing, Vicki Granowitz, Liz Studebaker, and Lisa Harvedt [the VOICE that is strangely quiet these days], all supporting players and part of the same group of friends who hang together, ride together, and recreate together as those discussed above).
— July 17, 2019 8:43 a.m.