Never homeless: Mission Bay party crash

This is actually the real "Dar" speaking for the first time, commenting on my new loving fiance. Jeffrey went through a real life changing experience, being in a homeless situation. Both of his parents have passed away to be with our Lord Jesus , a few years ago. Jeff has had to learn to be in the real world , with life challenges, and to make it for himself. His brother and wife took him into their home a year prior. They wanted Jeff to learn how to make a life for himself, and to be more self reliant. He went to bed hungry, was scared at night. He was praying that he could make it through another night, without being robbed of his only few possessions. A few clothes, a camera, that his brother bought him, that was dear to his heart. Jeff loves to take pictures and capture all of his adventures, and taking pictures of his loved ones. He had a bike, his only mode of transportation. The bike was stolen after only a few nights, being in his homeless situation. Jeff told himself that he would not let this situation tear out his heart and sole. He knew that he could and would do so much better for himself. He was able to land a job.I gave him some bus money, so he could get to his new job. I had all the little clothes that he owned, and had them nicely pressed and dry cleaned, that he hid in the bushes at night. I am very proud of this man that I call my own. With a little help from me, he picked himself up, and rose above this situation. I am very proud of him, that he did not give up hope, and went on with life, when so many other homeless folks give up hope, and do not know how to help themselves and get out of the homeless plight. Sincerely, Dar
— December 16, 2013 12:49 a.m.

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