Cosplay in the park

I am yet another person to make an account so I could comment on this article. This article is downright rude and judgmental. Sure, she's doing an "outsider POV"...But that doesn't mean she needs to go into this with a negative view and remain that way throughout. The writer has made no attempt to try and understand cosplay, or what it is about. It is a hobby, it is for fun, and it is about accepting others (unless their behaviour is unacceptable, at which point people usually band together to make sure they are known to others/con organisers so people can be aware of them). I am willing to say that the focus of this piece did appear to be quite childish...But there are quite a few people like that in the cosplay community, and it's generally because they are only young. My name is also Shannon, I am 23 and from Australia (Yes, your article has reached down here, I will be sure to pass it on). I have bachelor in marine science and management...And I am a cosplayer. I make my own costumes and props to the best of my abilities. I push myself to do greater and greater things because of this hobby. The hobby takes creativity, talent and flair, as well as unbridled passion for both the material you cosplay from, and the hobby itself. There is often a lot of stress involved, yes. Some of us enter competitions, they often means $1000s of dollars in prizes, or money itself, and even trips to Japan. These prizes often don't even cover the costs of what you might spent to make your costume (or for those who buy costumes). I started in 2011, I had never been to a con and I bought my first costume. I was all alone, but I quickly made friends. Every con I go to now, I seem to make a few more friends and contacts. I also managed to be a finalist in a world-wide contest held by a company for one my costumes I made...In fact my first (though it has had a lot of work done to over a long time).This community is supportive, helpful and understanding; though, like anything there are exceptions to the rule. Cosplay is so much more then this, it is an art. People who cosplay often use their time to volunteer for causes involving children like visiting hospitals; which is something I would personally like to do at some point since I have a cosplay of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid (specifically the dress she wears while she sight-sees with Eric). Some even make a living off it, by doing commissions for others or become "professional" cosplayers, being PAID to turn up at events; or even do things like work for companies that make video games. We also are a massive boast to pop culture in general...People often go to cons simply to cosplay, or see others cosplay. Many go in order to watch the competitions held at cons. Photographers often want to use us as models, or to help give variety to their portfolios.
— January 24, 2013 6:41 p.m.

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