I Never Thought I'd Become a Welfare Queen

To Fred_Williams: You misunderstood, what I wrote. If you read my prior postings, then analyze that in conjunction to what is written in Mrs. Salaams article you ought to see the sarcasm I was implying: In the article, the author acts as if she is too good for any type of social assistance--it's ok to feel that way if you have standards, however, she would couple it with contempt for those less fortunate and it seems that now that she is in their shoes she still lacks empathy. If you live in the ghetto, there is no shame in that--the shame is in not working hard to get out of that socioeconomic sphere; but the greater shame is when you do get out of it and you look down on those below you as if you had not been in such circumstances your self. The author claimed to hate waiting in line because of some welfare queen using her WIC vouchers when buying groceries--don't you find that a bit condescending yourself. I mean there are people who take public assistance for what it's for: a temporary aid until one fixes or ameliorates his or her situation. I'll tell a few things about me, and yes I do think before I write (in 4 languages mind you): I was a single parents for 2 yrs, but in order to get custody of my 2 yo I had to give up barbacking and work in a kitchen on the weekends so they would thin I was responsible, even though I made more money working in a bar; my 80 yo father helped me being my roommate and watching my daughter while I worked weekend nights, then I had to ask for WIC just to be able to save a few dollars. I also got Medical for my daughter--although Health-care should be your right like in any other developed country(if you have ever been outside of the U.S. you would know)--and I never felt embarrassed about it. Then I met a wonderful person and now we live in North Park, not the greatest but a hell of a lot better than Logan Heights. I still use WIC, we need to save so my wife can finish graduate school and so I can finish my last year at UCSD. So next time YOU write, analyze, not just think. Read my prior comments or those by anyone else criticizing this article or any other one before you post your opinion, it's not a bloody dissertation you know. In plain words, I was stressing that someone who come from an underprivileged background ought never look down on anyone else because he or she has been there in some way or manner as well,in fact when such said person improves his or her situation they ought to try an empathize and aid those less fortunate and perhaps try and enlighten those in their new higher socioeconomic spectrum--read the Alleghory of the Cave by Plato. Perhaps the reason someone on wall street can't empathize is because they have no opportunity to interact with those they perceive beneath them; but no one should look down on anyone. Does that help you Fred_Williams?
— January 13, 2010 11:23 a.m.

I Never Thought I'd Become a Welfare Queen

It's sad to see how brainwashed this mother in dire circumstances finds herself, HEALTHCARE is YOUR RIGHT IF YOU PAID TAXES--don't ever feel ashamed about medi-cal. WIC is your entitlement if you always paid taxes. What really get's to me though is the fact that Social services employees, like medical employees or government workers, get private health insurance benefits yet it is our tax dollars that pay their salaries--if they made them wait in line like the rest of the medical recipients than they might change their attitude and we might save on government expenditures. But that's not so much the problem as the recognition that you are now aware of "those others" because you are like them. You wrote with a very condescending attitude towards the working poor and those less fortunate--you acted like a snobby La Jollean, even though you live in City Freights, you acted rather high and mighty for someone whose husband is a trucker, nothing wrong with that, it's a dignified well paying profession, but it's not management and it doesn't require a master's degree--in fact since you have the master's degree you should be making more money so that your husband can take time off and improve his education obtain a better job that isn't subject to such brusque supply and demand changes--let's face it it was not once a secure job, just like construction and plumbing, good money but rarely stable income. Hopefully when your circumstances improve you won't hold the same condescending view you once had towards your less fortunate constituents. As someone who is a minority you of all people should never look down on anyone else. I opted to omit discussing the amount and time length of your unemployment benefits, most people on minimum wage barely make that--you are very disconnected from reality, but you are even more disconnected to pay 1350 in CITY FREIGHTS, a really bad area. When I use my WICs I make sure I separate eligible items per check to make it easy on the clerk, believe me they appreciate it more than you think and people don't stare at you for holding the lines. My wife and child are on medical, I'm not embarrassed because I pay taxes. We can't work much because my wife is finishing her master's degree on a full scholarship at a local renowned school by the college area. Maybe I don't feel embarrassed because I used to live in CANADA where health care is a right, and now I have citizenship in SPAIN where health-care is also a right.
— January 9, 2010 10:34 a.m.

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