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It is old news that the construction industry and others, support incumbents or candidates for open seats in local municipal, county, and school board elections. In the case of school boards, their support helps elect people they hope will authorize construction projects (subject to voter approval) for educational facilities. In the case of Southwestern College, those voter-approved buildings which Board members Salcido and Valladolid authorized have made state-of-the-art educational facilities possible for our family members. I hope the construction industry continues to support Board members who do this. It does not bother me that some of those who support Board members also get work from the competitively bid projects that create jobs for local workers. So, let me see if I get this right. The construction industry supports college Board members who ask the voters to approve public bonds to build educational and training facilities for our community members to earn an Associate Degree that will prepare them for jobs that pay an average (in San Diego County) of over $51,000 per year- twice what a person with only a high school diploma will get. Along the way, local workers will earn family-supporting wages. And, there is something wrong with this picture? It seems to me that we need more Board members like this, not a candidate for the Board who while the Superintendent/President of the college approved faculty pay hikes the college could not afford and booster faculty salaries to nearly twice the average South Bay salary of $46,000 per year. This reporter is covering the story from the wrong perspective.
— August 12, 2010 2:50 p.m.

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