Gay War

Response to post #57: No one is calling the amount of years you have spent reporting into question, your picture speaks for it self. No one is calling the covering of the woes of SDNN or the time line into question. My comment was covering both your story and the original stories that broke. What is thought provoking is you wrote "Portantino won't comment" yet you seem to know some of the facts which are a little too close to Portantino's camp. In your own words you commented to someone on the phone the story was going to be turned in around June 9th and could be edited up to the Monday before which would have made it June 14th, the day the suit was filed. Then you commented on the phone again, the suit documents were obtained on Tuesday June 15th, the day after according to you no more editing could be allowed. So it would appear one of three things, your time line is off, you misspoke of your company’s deadlines or old age affecting memory. You also said in this comment that a good amount of GLT ex-employees moved over to GLN. I have never heard of a media source called GLN that's in existence in San Diego. Perhaps you mean SDGLN but memory may be an issue again. Being a “self-professed gay” as you call it.. (sounds like you have been listening to Kathy Griffin) I know about the San Diego LGBT Community and can say for sure that most of the ex-employees went to other media sources in the community but not SDGLN. Several writers (not employees) but they contributed to GLT do write for SDGLN and my only guess would be because they could final expect a regular payment for the wonderful writing they provide the LGBT Community. So again I stick to my original comment regarding things you have heard....they more than likely came from camp Portantino. Good Day Senior Bauder!
— June 19, 2010 3:56 p.m.

Gay War

Absolutely Pathetic… “Portantino won’t comment” Funny this whole story reeks of Portantino/GLT camp or possibly the people doing the talking for him. ie: Aguirre, Morris & Severson. It would appear that Portantino may have a history of leaking stories to the Reader, for example the lawsuit involving Portantino and his EX a few years ago, a story appeared in the Reader trying to discredit or create issue with his EX and his employment. I am guessing that would be the motivation here too. Looks like it may have backfired! It's my understanding the law suit filed against the former employee was done so Monday June 14th later in the day. According to Don Bauder people were covering the court house on Tuesday June 15th and obtained a copy of the suit. However also according to Bauder his story had to be completed and turned in on the Wednesday before on June 9th but could update or change the story until Monday June 14th for a Wednesday release. So how else could a Tuesday pickup of the suit have made it into the story on Monday for final editing???? Sounds fishy to me!!! My theory is Portantino or “the people doing the talking” for him leaked it to the Reader plus may have offered suggestion of a direction the story should go to favor Portantino and call into question the ethics of our DA’s office and make it look like a political witch hunt. Not once does the story deny that the alleged criminal activity didn’t happen but oh that’s right Portantino wont comment. San Diego lets not forget the original light that was shed on the alleged FRAUD and not to mention the alleged mismanagement. I commend Portantino for wanting to take care of good ole Mother dear for 25 years now but come on any good business person will tell you that you pay your staff, writers and vendors first before you take care of the owners’ needs and or family. I guess perhaps Portantino skipped ‘Good Business 101’. I leave with one question…..If Portantino had nothing to worry about on the alleged FRAUD and possible other alleged violations why would he hire Aguirre, Morris & Severson? Aren’t they criminal defense attorneys? Hmmmmm sounds fishy to me!!!
— June 19, 2010 11:18 a.m.

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