Jehovah's Witnesses Bancroft Congregation

I came to be a witness as a teenager, I am now almost 40 years old. My experience has been nothing but positive. I have stayed close to my family who do not share my religious beliefs. I make myself available to them when they need me. I also have a full-time job, as many witnesses do, and have very good relationships with those I work with, who also, do not share my beliefs. I cannot help but feel that perhaps on some negative comments, the full story is not really being shared or understood. I started going door-to-door at the age of 16 because I knew what I learned from the bible had to be shared. It was difficult to hear criticism, and to learn to defend my faith. I have been successful in my career because of my training in the door-to-door ministry. I have held leadership positions, and am seen as a strong resource, and a people person. I know many witnesses who have similar careers. One person said this to me one time, you show me a international brotherhood, that provides free bible education to any who desire it and I will go there. In my opinion, no one is doing that except the Jehovahs Witnesses, so here I am... and I have been very happy, I know hard to believe! The bible says the blessing of God and that is what makes rich and he adds no pain with it. I have two beautiful little boys, 9 and 6... and they are AMAZING. They do not celebrate certain holidays, and truth be told, they have no desire to. I give them so much of my heart, my time, my energy - nothing gets in the way of my being a good mother to them. I volunteer at the school, and I can hear other kids in the classroom say to my kids, Wow, your mom is nice! So I get the stamp of approval from the kids as well. I wonder if kids had to pick over celebrating a holiday that is not really christian in nature and a great mom, what would they pick? I have many many friends, and all of our children are very happy well adjusted kids, honor roll, etc. etc. The basis of the bible is love, and so for me I don't see anyone doing this better, for me I made the right choice. Christ said on earth, you will know my followers by the love they show for one another. Witnesses do not raise arms against any person of any religion. Witnesses do not ask for donations of any kind when visiting their places of worship. Witnesses engage in a public ministry by donating their time and energy. Witnesses will not speak abusively of any other religion, though many will respond in kind towards us.
— April 13, 2010 4:38 p.m.

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