Ron Stacks Rocks in Ocean Beach

Unfortunately, since Ron - the Rock Guy Artist has come around on this busy thoroughfare - outbound OB traffic, there has been one wreck after another. I frequent the dog park every day there and witnessed Ron accepting donations right and left from cars. There is so much going on there with the rock statues, etc. that drivers are TOO distracted. I've been witnessing cars accidents galore. It's not a good situation. Sorry. The other day an officer was called out because Ron said he was assaulted by another transient. The transient was walking by with his walker and there became a scuffle between Ron and the guy - it appeared they were arguing over the "turf", the police came, another car pile up occurred, people exchanged info while the officer was there and on everyone went. The next day, a 3 car pile up occurred and two women got out and a baby was crying, the women yelled "your hurt my baby" - - it's not good. I have videos. See my channel on youtube 724quechee for the videos of the wreck, Ron continuing to stack rocks and so on and so on - - he didn't even go over to see if they were okay - he just kept on accepting donations from cars and piling up the rocks. A fire truck , the day before, could not even climb the curb the other day - probably due to the rocks on the curb. Enough is enough already - - please - - just have some common sense. I ask you: If this was happening on your sidewalk in front of your home and car accidents kept occurring all the while, wouldn't it start to bother you? It is a distraction and not the right place for this activity to continue at this busy roadway. What;s next a hot dog vendor, blankets, chicklets, windshield washer guys coming up to your cars - - please. I am upset and I really don't want to leave the dog park with my babies and get rear ended because people are not watching the road they are having to stop and go for cars stopping to tip Ron.
— August 3, 2012 9:16 p.m.

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