X-Fest Takes a Rest?

I also have no idea why it is so important to you, but my name is Brian Yuasa. I am a long time fan and supporter of the local music scene, including many of those bands that you have consistently misquoted, misrepresented, and generally maligned. Im no fan of local radio, but your biases- against 91X, certain local bands, types of music, and generally anyone that wont treat you with the kid gloves that you require- are obvious and contribute to you being the least trustworthy columnist in the city. It does seem odd that in half of your attempts to write "controversial" pieces, the end result is that the people that are featured prominently in the story complain that they were never contacted to participate. Between that, and your use of language like "I heard secondhand", you cease to be a relevant journalist. You are revealed for what you are: a bitter old man still smarting from some perceived slight at the hands of some beloved local band or the big newspaper, or the big bad radio station. And to answer your question: No. This isn't a "significant" story. It's filler that came off as a hit piece, with obvious bias in play, and no first hand knowledge of the situation. Interviewing the guy at 94.9 about whats going on behind the scenes at 91.1 is kind of like asking the CEO of wal-mart to provide answers about internal policy at Target. Again, I am no fan of local radio, but this piece really captures the essence of who you are, Ken- and why your reputation is well-deserved.
— August 8, 2009 9:20 a.m.

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