Hi Siobhan, the people is getting very confused with this history for the way is been posted one story after another... i saw a letter this morning of someone named Jim Dwyer saying that; " Not only is it incredibly slanted, but it absolutley makes no sense, and here’s what I mean. Elizabeth Gonzalez paid a coyote a sum of $3000 to lead her into America when she was 17. I assume she spoke Spanish. Yet, when she was deported, she said, “When I first got [to Mexico} I could not speak Spanish at all.” What? She completely lost the ability to speak Spanish in the 20 years she was here? I can see that you’d forget a lot, but not speak Spanish at all? In the interview, it said “Elizabeth’s accent is thick, but her English is good.” To me, that makes it sound like English is her second language.and besides that i only live onside us during 8 years from march 2003 - july 2011 So, what do we have? We have someone who came here when she was 17, couldn’t speak English. Yet, when she was deported she couldn’t speak Spanish! And now, when she speaks English she has a very thick Spanish accent. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That’s what I mean, it’s very slanted. You have this poor person deported back to her own country, yet supposedly she can’t speak the language. As if that would stop a deportation. I’ve got no problem with you guys writing articles about deportation, and whether it should or should not occur, but don’t slant the facts; don’t twist them. And it’s quite obvious that they were in this one.." I just realized that are getting involved frank's story with mine... . How could I forget my first language when what is learned hardly forget, the Spanish will always be my native language...
— October 17, 2012 11:38 p.m.

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