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Life of a warden at Otay Mesa's Donovan prison

"A brand-new inmate will try you"

Robert Hernandez presides over a psychological war zone. At Donovan correctional facility, where Hernandez is warden, every move his officers make is watched by inmates; every word they say is overheard. "Nothing," said one officer, ...

San Diego's emergency medical pilots tell hair-raising stories

(EMS) helicopter "is an ambulance with a rotor system"

"It was my first training flight with Mercy Air," says J.P. Wilson, a large, white-haired man. "I had gone through the ground school, and I was scheduled to fly with Jeff Emery. I got here ...

How San Diego beekeepers deal with the African strain upon us

You have to learn how to put the drone semen in the queen

I love honey. I love honey! Like the bears. All day long my coffee has honey instead of sugar. My cereal has honey. My toast, honey on it. Always honey." David Rojas of San Marcos ...

Intimate conversations with San Diego twins

Looking at her is like looking at me

"A lot of people ask, 'What is it like sharing the same physical attributes?' I always look at my brother and I think that's what people think of me. We'll be going out, and I'll ...

When You Come to the United States You Think You Find Money on the Ground

Crime worries Somalis

Landlords are raising their rent by $100 here, $200 there. About 70 per cent of the Somalis would live in Little Mogadishu, but now you see some in La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Southeast San Diego.

Walkers get more room on San Diego sidewalks

Concrete comeback

WE REALLY HAVE, from a pedestrian's point of view, two kinds of places in San Diego," said Stephan Vance of the San Diego Association of Governments. "There's the older urban core that was built around ...

Samoan culture in San Diego fades away

You never get your tattoo alone

"Our people are healthy," Tevesi Fa'apouli says, "but they're big. They eat good. Especially our old folks. We eat taro, povi masima, fish. The generation we raise over here doesn't have the appetite for that."

What San Diego's restaurant workers eat off the menu

Recipes from Emerald Chinese Seafood, Nine-Ten, Pamplemousse, India Palace, 150 Grand, Beach Grass Cafe, Bertrands

Food = joy…guilt…anger…pain…nurturing… friendship…hatred…the way you look and feel.… Food = everything you can imagine. — Susan Powter Tim Klepeis, the chef at Adams Avenue Grill, spoke hesitatingly at first. “I think the greatest reward ...

80 percent of San Diego's manicurists are Vietnamese

These women can paint an American flag on your thumbnail

“I believe in Buddha. I have a Buddha who is always smiling. Every morning when I come early, I drink coffee and ask him, ‘Buddha, make me lucky today.’ ” Tuanh (Ann) Nguyen, manager of ...