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Stories by Patrick Daugherty

Soccer crime syndicate doesn't pay...well

Europol has press conference to disclose extensive investigation that revealed widespread soccer-match fixing in the FIFA league.

Jorge’s Xolos

Border born

Interview with journalist Jorge Aranguré, raised binationally, in Tijuana and southern San Diego County.

Betting on the Super Bowl has little to do with the game

Odds and evens

This column is for degenerate gamblers, a sporting demographic I’ve neglected lately. You can see why. When an internet gambling site runs a half-page, full-color ad in the sports section of a Super Bowl team’s ...

In other news...

Fake-girlfriend edition

They didn’t talk about women while working on the Alaskan pipeline project in the ’70s.

Full GFE

Long-distance call girl

Suzy Favor-Hamilton, one-time track star, now the third-most popular prostitute in Las Vegas.

The history of sports, abridged

End times edition

End-of-the-world sports wrap-up, giving a final tip of the hat to the biggest sports stories Earth has ever known.

Christmas, island style

A memory of a Christmas spent on Mexico’s Isla Mujeres

At my desktop computer, I have clicked over to YouTube and typed in “Christmas music.” First up is, “Christmas Music Playlist Part Two For Your Christmas Party.” I click again. The party begins with Elvis ...

Oprah or O.J., just not Norv

Now that Chargers coach Norv Turner and manager A.J. Smith will be shown the door at the end of the season, who will be the next coach?

Concussions trump guns in the NFL

Sympathy for Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher; minimal thoughts for his 22-year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins after Belcher’s act of murder-suicide.

Lane Kiffin's new job

Chargers head coach Norv Turner’s history of poor performance.

Waiting for Lightning

A little board, a giant wall, a good movie

About Danny Way, the North County resident who jumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.

NFL Gambling Edition

Wager Nation needs allies

New Jersey moves to legalize betting on football. Will they be stopped?

Guns and Ammo Part 2

Dude, where’s my gun?

Okay, I completed my Handgun Safety Certification exam and fired 20 rounds out the front end of a Beretta M9 without injury to any living thing. Guiding me all the while was an entity I’ll ...

Guns & Ammo Edition

The columnist attends a California handgun certification course.

The Jouster

Where do you get joust training? Knight school!

Jouster Jeffrey Hedgecock of Ramona is one of three Medieval armourers in the U.S.

The Armourer of Ramona

Jeffrey Hedgecock, 43, of Ramona, makes armour. Think knights, Middle Ages, helmets, sallets, breastplates, gauntlets, faulds, greaves, poleyns, spaundlers, the whole deal, tip to toe. Making Medieval armour puts you in an exceedingly select guild. ...

Throwing Frisbee in Alaska

It's freezing, it's dark, it's time for Frisbee golf.

Mounted Martial Arts

An interview with Katie Stearns, mounted martial artist (she does archery while riding a horse).

Big man. Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with 400-lb Idahoan sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting.

Big Man. Part 1

Not just another fat guy in a diaper.

Interview with Kelly Gneiting, the 42-year-old sumo wrestler from Idaho.

NFL Detention Hall

The NFL institutes disciplinary coursework for fans who get ejected from games.

San Diego–Barona Stars

When the Field of Dreams gets cut short, there’s always the San Diego–Barona Stars.

Time Out, My Identity's Been Stolen

A chat with a DeLorean owner.

A break from modern living includes a DeLorean.

Competitive Canaries

What’s going on in your bird room?

Interview with David Benites of the San Diego Canary Club.

Becalmed, Sports Fan

The lonely work of digging for sports.

Poring over magazines for sports news during the annual sports slowdown.

24 Hours of LeMons. Part 2

We were talking to Escondido homeboy, San Marcos State alumnus, and San Marcos High School English teacher repurposed into a stay-at-home dad, Mike “Spank” Spangler, 42. Spank drives the 24 Hours of LeMons. Said 24 ...

24 Hours of LeMons. Part 1

24 Hours of LeMons…with no car worth over $500.

Return of the Cart People

Golf pro and golf-cart driver Casey Martin won his U.S. Supreme Court case against PGA Tour, Inc.

Tour Divide: Nothing to Win or Lose But Honor

You think the Tour De France is crazy? Try the Tour Divide.

Bowling as a Bottom of the Barrel Sporting Experience

A big hole in your television sports experience is about to be filled.

WNBA as Advertising Agency

WNBA president Laurel J. Richie made her career in advertising.

This Is A Wickedly Unfair World. Just ask Floyd Landis.

Bicyclist Floyd Landis retires in shame and Lance Armstrong rides rich into the sunset? Is that fair?

Wives, Mothers, and Sluts

Very little honor among certain sportsmen – looking at you (again), Tiger.

Sports Inflation Comes Home

"That’s nuts." I’m on the phone with an old friend in Phoenix. We’ve been talking about her son who’s playing junior varsity baseball at a suburban high school. He wants to get (have Mom buy), ...

Tiger’s Back on Top, or So They Say

Here it is, Thursday, D-Day for the 2012 Masters. And here is Tiger Woods stepping up to the tee for his first drive. The man does have a hold on us. Only Tiger Woods could ...

Iron Mike Is Back!

Mike Tyson is opening his one-man Vegas act, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth — Live on Stage, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 13. It’s the same arena where he had an intimate encounter ...

The East Coast Sports Industrial Complex was right, the West Coast sucks

By Saturday afternoon it was over. Gonzaga lost to Ohio State and there was not a single West Coast team left in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Before we go on, I should tell you ...

Piano Found

To recap: the NFL released the following statement Friday afternoon, a traditional dump day for embarrassing news. “A lengthy investigation by the NFL’s security department has disclosed that between 22 and 27 defensive players on ...

San Diego Spartans

The sporting world awaits, on edge, for March 2 and the first public exhibition of Ultimate Tazer Ball (UTB). The contest will be held in Thailand. Our hometown San Diego Spartans will be tasering the ...

We Speak of Jeremy Lin

He’s been so everywhere, it’s hard to remember the lad has been under the big top for, as I write this, only 15 days. His first NBA game as a starter occurred on February 4, ...

Baseball Injury Report

And so, baseball. Padres pitchers and catchers report to Peoria on Sunday. Once again I have been suckered into a fantasy baseball league by quaffing one drink too many in the company of bad men. ...

Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

I have Dewey Not-His-Real-Name Pienkey on the phone. He’s a Nevada friend from olden days. Third generation, born and raised in Searchlight, a town of 550, an hour’s drive south of Vegas, known for the ...

The Over/Under on Mid-Riff

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. It’s the one time every year when gamblers come out of their closets, fling open their bedroom windows, and shout out, “Yes, neighbor. Yes, Mr. Policeman. Yes, Mr. Employer. ...

Fade In

EXT. A TELEPHONE BOOTH. BALTIMORE ALLEY. RAINY. LATE NIGHT. Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh is drunk, drool and spittle ooze from his mouth, flows down his chin and cheeks, then gathers itself and drips onto ...

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