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Homes at end of Oceanside Blvd. claim emergency

Shari Mackin hires drone to prove violation of Coastal Commission policy

The California Coastal Commission is the state agency that is supposed to protect the coast and preserve public access to the beach. But what happens if one coastal city allows beachfront owners to dump tons ...

Bread of Life closes overnight homeless shelter in Oceanside

Solutions for Change continues long-term housing

For the first time in 15 years, Oceanside, a city of about 180,000, will have no wintertime overnight shelter. Bread of Life, run completely by some 50 non-paid volunteers, operated the shelter which was open ...

Oceanside realtors not too worried about oceanfront homes

Some have flood insurance, others don't

Has the threat of rising tides or the reality of denuded beaches triggered a rush to sell beachfront property in Oceanside? The Strand is Oceanside’s most traveled seaside roadway. Many of the scenes in TNT’s ...

Anger against North River Farms may lead to recall, referendum

Oceanside councilman Rodriguez catching most flak for demise of ag land

Platinum recording artist Jason Mraz has done well with his transition from singer/songwriter to Oceanside farmer. His Mraz Family Farms gained international publicity for growing and marketing homegrown avocados and coffee beans. City councilman Christopher ...

The ethics of covering someone else's art with yours

Would a tiki offend Oceanside Samoans?

Oscar-winning artist John Lamb is not happy how his “beach-billy” mural was painted over. “It looks like somebody scribbled over my art,” says Lamb about how a new mural replaced his hundred foot hand-painted art-piece ...

Thrown out of a North County Democratic meeting

Esther Sanchez barely misses endorsement for Oceanside mayor

Has an organized Democrat group become too petty for its own good? I was given a heads-up that the September 29 DEMCCO meeting (Democratic Club of Carlsbad Oceanside, self-billed as North County’s largest Dem group) ...

Colorful vendors hope for Oceanside Strand future

Will customers of seven-story twin hotel complex like these people?

After 20 years as Oceanside’s unofficial greeter, Hot Dog Marty is hanging up his wiener hat. Then again, maybe not. “When I say I plan something, God laughs,” says Marty Goren, who turns 86 November ...

Farewell to KFMB radio

KFMB 760 AM and 100.7 KFMB-FM to be sold by November 15

The break-up of the KFMB stations predicted last year is happening. Big changes may be coming to news-talk KFMB-AM 760 and 80s hits KFMB-FM 100.7 as they split off from TV mothership Channel 8 and ...

Garrison Elementary sunk by sinkhole

But that's not all

In late July, it was announced one of Oceanside’s elementary schools had to be shuttered because it was imploding. Two sinkholes at Garrison Elementary caused the Oceanside Unified School District to declare that the school ...

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