Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison is a native of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. He was very active in community politics in his younger years as past president of the Cardiff Town Council. A former radio talk show host, Ken now attends Politicians Anonymous and writes about North County coastal community issues. Ken's first neighborhood story for the Reader February 2009 was brought about by noticing the state replacing the beach's iconic lifeguard towers with a futuristic design. He gave the story idea to friends in two other newspapers, neither one saw the newsworthiness. "I notice things others don't and want to find out for myself, what's going on over there."

Readers may contact him directly with coastal neighborhood issues.

Articles by Ken Harrison

Why Encinitas wants to ditch Sunset High

"There is not a rush to do this"

As the campus of Sunset High School in Encinitas was scraped to the ground over the summer, the school board of the San Dieguito Union High School District is considering a name change when the ...

Cardiff's Torrey Pine comes down amid suspicions

“We’ve done everything we can"

“It wasn’t supposed to come down,” say Cardiff by the Sea activist opposing the August 26 removal of a 70-year-old, 65-foot Torrey Pine tree at Cardiff Elementary School. The tree was planted by school children ...

Jacumba – the far edge of San Diego

Across border in Jacume, De Anza nudists, In-Ko-Pah, Border Angels, hippie fest, flying saucers

A quiet street and an old hotel Jacumba is a kind of living ghost town out in southeast San Diego County, on the Mexican border, in what’s called, the Mountain Empire district. It has come ...

The China effect on San Diego's recycling

After rePlanet closes, EDCO sees 100 percent increase

When the Chinese government announced last month that they no longer want to buy mega-tons of America’s recycling waste, it may have been the final blow to a collapsing recycling industry, forcing the closing of ...

Ken Harrison and the Reader

Lifeguard towers replaced, Vandenburg Air Force base, carjacked cabbie, freeway panhandlers, Tom Schaar, kids steal Bob from Bob's Big Boy

Harrison has written freelance submissions for the Reader since 2009. Harrison's favorite stories he wrote for the Reader: Towers Land in North County Beachgoers are noticing the changes on the sand at Seaside, Cardiff Reef, ...

Bonsall – suburbia's edge

San Luis Rey Downs track and golf course, fossilized bison, Highway 76 widened, Vessels Ranch, the Hank Show

Lilac fire survivor comes to the races On December 7, 2017, horse trainer Joe Herrick said, “Hell came to town.” Herrick was was involved in trying to rescue 450 thoroughbred horses caught in the raging ...

2016 holds record for Del Mar Fair

Chicken Charlie’s served 8,000 deep-fried balls of crème brulée

Like the scarecrow without a brain, this year’s Oz-themed San Diego County Fair had individually cataloged hundreds of lost and found items. The most unusual lost item? “A gold grill with diamonds in it,” said ...

Gas tax bump sends 15 San Diego stations above $4.30/gallon

Calif. governor launches investigation

Gas prices in San Diego County were supposed to go up on 5.6 cents a gallon on July 1, due to a new gas tax. Some stations didn’t get the memo. As of midday July ...

Bed bugs in Leucadia?

Union protest at John Moores' Encinitas Beach Resort

Warning . . . Crime is coming to Leucadia. Robbery. Prostitution. And worse yet . . . an infestation of bed bugs. That’s according to a two-week-long protest by a construction union. Carpenters Local 619 ...