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Best Reader stories from 1976

Rosicrucians, card rooms, Comedy Store, Self-Realization Fellowship, North Park and Encinitas writing contest winners

Who Are the Rosicrucians? The Rosicrucian Fellowship International Headquarters is located on top of Mount Ecdesia. just outside of downtown Oceanside. It’s a garden spot in an otherwise gritty town that makes its living hustling ...

Morris the Car

I knew all the hulks at San Diego Foreign and Elmer’s wrecking yards.

I didn’t buy the car just because it was cute. These are the best cars the English ever made, no matter what anyone may say about how much that is saying. (Some would have you ...

San Diego's gentle dogcatcher

Run Spot run

The woman had been waiting for him. She was on the front porch, with ten grimy dollars clutched in her hand. “There he is, ” she said, pointing to the dying dog on the grass. ...

San Diego cops talk candidly

I started at $1005 a month. Bus drivers get twice as much as we do.

After a decade of thinking of cops as Mayor Daley’s favorite barnyard animal, I felt a bit odd strolling into the Central Police Station and looking ahead to a night of cruising around on the ...

Mission Valley's last dairyman

A farewell to farms

"They’re all gone now. Bulldozed out by the freeway in ’49 and then the stadium. My father bought this land in 1896. My mother used to take the milk into town in a horse and buggy."

Let’s Be Friends

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