Gina Arnold

Gina Arnold is a music journalist who wrote for the Reader during the early 1990s.

"Aroma of Gina Arnold" is the opening track of Trumans Water album Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass.

Articles by Gina Arnold

Depeche Mode fills a trivial hole in the adolescent psyche

I'm sick of being a Euro weenie

Black-clad boys and girls who think of themselves as alienated because they have begun to doubt the precepts of Christianity.

The punk wasteland lives on in a Chula Vista garage

A house party-cum-rock show featuring Seattle's Fastbacks

Titillated and heartened by the sexually ambigous rough-housing attendant to a performance by the Fastbacks in a Chula Vista Garage.

Lollapalooza and the Harvest Crusade two sides of the same coin

You can't buy love — but they tried

In the ladies' restroom of the Orange County bureau of the Los Angeles Times, there's a vending machine that sells Five shades of beige pantyhose. For a long time I've felt that the concentrated forces ...

Goth rock in San Diego and other underground rumblings

One of the few towns where Fugazi couldn’t get a gig

One hot afternoon last summer, Susan Peters's rock band Fiction, whom DJ Chase of SDSU’s student-run radio station KCR refers to as “San Diego’s Premier Gothic Rock Band,” played a gig at theGrove shopping mall ...