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Stories by E.V. Hepworth

Your inner child needs a cocktail

But what if your taste buds never developed an appreciation for distilled spirits?

Lately, mixologists have been advancing a trend that favors the unadulterated flavor of a liquor over its peripheral ingredients. It’s called “spirit-forward,” and it’s redefining the way we experience cocktails. But what if our taste ...

San Diego Reader 2015 Fun issue

Adobe Falls, Loma Club, Collier Park, La Mesa secret stairs, snorkel with sharks, Oasis Camel Dairy, tunnel skating in Playas

Urban Adventures Beach Town Suburban Ocean & Bay Backcountry Mexico

San Diego Reader 2015 Guide to local art

Theater, dance, chamber music, art in parks, where to buy art, photography of the Casbah

Within every living art, there will always be a conversation among the artists who create it. The conversation is what makes it vital: a back-and-forth of reaction, adaptation, innovation, and yes, rejection. I recently saw, ...

Dancing machines

Whether you think you can or you just want to watch

San Diego hosts a network of dance companies and studios filled with nationally and internationally acclaimed dancers and choreographers adept in styles from tap to jazz, modern to contemporary, ballroom to ballet, hip-hop to Irish ...

Let there be nutcracking

Piggy-bank friendly North Park Self-described as a “functional goods, kitchen essentials, tabletop decorations, and gifts” boutique, Kaleidoscope opened in May by two retail mavens with more than 20 years’ experience and whom designed the original, ...

San Diego Reader 2014 Fun issue

Wave House, Goat Canyon trestle, cat jetty, leopard sharks, pocket beach

Jetpack America Want to feel like Superman? After a training video and in-office instruction, strap on a jetpack and take to the air. During the 15- to 60-minute ride, the water-jetting pack can go as ...

Tales from our rich neighbor, Tijuana

Junkyards, Teniente Guerrero park, beer town, Pasaje Rodriguez, Don Pedro, Josué’s kitchen

Tales from our rich neighbor: Everything is for the locals — Chad Deal“Tijuana is a junkyard,” and nobody knows Tijuana’s junkyards better than the Sullivans. They go all night at this park — Matthew SuárezTijuana ...

Josué’s kitchen

“It was a spark,” says Andrew Sheiner, business partner at Tijuana gallery La Tentación with photographer Josué Castro. “I gave them the necessity, I didn’t give them the idea,” elaborates Castro. “I gave them my ...

Organic juicin' in El Cajon

My Organic Place serves up the sweetest wheatgrass juice, along with other grasses and sprouts

Cruising down Los Coches Road in El Cajon, right off I-8, I would have never guessed there'd be an organic wheatgrass grower in the vicinity. There it was, though, their dirt driveway weaving past a ...

Art after dark

Traditional art shows can be boring. You go for the free wine and cheese, stroll around the gallery, and are in and out in less time than it took to find parking. But it doesn’t ...

The Lafayette Hotel's Friday night Dive In Movies series

First of four poolside screenings of classic 80's movies start March 15

The Lafayette Hotel & Swim Club (2223 El Cajon Boulevard) has taken their recent $8 million renovation and run with it, cranking out new events left and right. One of their tried-and-true events, the Dive ...

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