Dave Good

Dave Good
Dave Good is an award-winning journalist and author. Originally from Ft. Worth, TX, he writes about music, pop culture, and American life. His life-long infatuation with music began in an unlikely place: Crawford High School, in East San Diego. There, he played sax with future jazz luminaries such as Carl Evans, Nathan East, and Hollis Gentry. After journalism school at SDSU, he found work in Top 40 and album-oriented rock radio for the next two decades, a period of time in which he also hosted KGB Rocks 10, a popular local music video show on ABC television. In the course of a media career that now approaches three decades, if placed end to end the number of words he has published thus far would stretch around the globe at least once. Currently at work on a book about rock and roll's farm team and the unsung music heroes of San Diego past, Dave lives in La Mesa. His book, Jukebox Confessions, is available through Amazon.

Articles by Dave Good

New and nuanced with Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan

Introspective, but in a blue-collar way

Good plain rock and roll. And that’s no small achievement, considering that by now, every possible note and chord combination has likely been played. Nothing new to be done. And yet, somehow, Pedro the Lion ...

The connection between The Band’s Rick Danko, and Danko Jones

Will the Canadian power trio strike gold here?

Canada: some of our better rock and rollers from over the years have come from up north. Joni Mitchell, Barenaked Ladies, Neil Young, Rush, Tokyo Police Club, Arcade Fire, and Ronnie “The Hawk” Hawkins, to ...

Turkish for ‘turquoise’

Turkuaz tend to write live and on the fly

“Dirty funk” is how one critic described the Turkuaz package. Some might call them blue-eyed funk, which is not meant as a pejorative statement. Unlike funk’s originators, Turkuaz inherited, rather than politicized a rarefied kind ...

The 78's traditions resonate

"People like real, genuine music. That's not surprising."

“There’s a lot of good shit happening right now.” Whitey Morgan says this in answer to my question about the present-day state of traditional country music. “Sometimes, I see three generations of families at our ...

Plain heavy-metal fun

Judas Priestess is “The world’s only all-girl tribute to the metal gods”

They’re not a spot-on imitation of their namesake band, but was that ever the idea? Judas Priestess is plain heavy-metal fun — five gifted women metal-heads who deliver a shot of club-sized Judas Priest. Priestess ...

Instant hit

YouTube sensation Charlie Rae wants to “bring back feeling”

It’s all true, Charlie Rae says, the story about how a random passerby recorded her one day while she was busking, uploaded the performance to YouTube, and 500,000 hits later, she was a social media ...

Sarcastic adenoidal madness

Les Claypool has released an album almost every year since 1988

Les Claypool: unless you were a diehard Primus geek, I doubt you can remember the names of the other two guys who were in that band. Claypool is another thing entirely. As Sting was to ...

Curious blips and scratches

Thundercat wrestles sounds from his instrument that aren’t normally associated with it

Stephen Bruner, from Watts, California, grew up in a musical home. Both his father and his brother are heavy hitters who earned their reputations performing as sidemen with frontline jazz artists. But Bruner’s childhood is ...

Stoner rock

This is one musical dinosaur that didn’t go extinct

Even though the calendar proves otherwise, the members of Fu Manchu, a San Clemente band that dates back to the 1980s, seem not to have aged much. Still sporting the Vans skater gear and way-long ...

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