Alexander Theroux

American novelist and poet and brother of novelist Paul Theroux and Peter Theroux, a translator of Arabic literary work. Alexander Theroux, who considered his time in San Diego a "joyless" experience, wrote for the Reader from 1995 through 1997.

Articles by Alexander Theroux

Best Reader stories from 1996

San Diego mafia, Fotomat, Afghans, freeway driving, Korean War, Black's Beach, dolphins kill tuna fishing, Olaf Wieghorst, pigeon racing, diary of orange grove

Mafia in San Diego before World War II (first in series of six stories) “The raids, all made with search warrants, started soon after noon and were not completed until early evening. All of the ...

Best Reader stories from 1995

Prince of Peace Abbey, Perry Mason, Crawdaddy's daddy, Pat Welsh, Asian gangs, Eckankar, SEALS spy for Koch, Kate Sessions, Carlsbad flower fields

I've got Perry Mason on board! In early 1960, the man who created Perry Mason was introduced to an Imperial Beach resident named Francisco Muñoz. Erle Stanley Gardner had many friends, and he particularly liked ...

Borrego Springs– no there there

Desperate hike, crazy to live there, Montesoro, water trouble, goodbye to farms

From Toro Peak to Fonts Point, barely Their plan was to start at Toro Peak, in the Santa Rosa Mountains just north of Borrego Springs, hike along the mountainous spine over Rabbit Peak and Villager ...

Other San Diego summers

Phoenix, fat boy and bikini girl, fireworks, Black's Beach, metal finders, male swimsuits

Phoenix without apologies Traveler, consider our Phoenix. An hour away by air, this flat, posh suburb of Greater L.A. is your finest summer vacation bargain. For the price of a bad weekend in a tacky ...

Alexander Theroux and the Reader

Borrego desert, Theroux family, Black's Beach, Prince of Peace Abbey, grammar of rock and roll, Richard Henry Dana, Ted Williams

Theroux is an American novelist and poet and brother of novelist Paul Theroux and Peter Theroux, a translator of Arabic literary work. Alexander Theroux's best-known novel is Darconville's Cat (1981). Among his non-fiction works are ...

Alexander Theroux describes Anza-Borrego desert

A wanderer in the wasteland

It was all of it sad, godforsaken country. Last summer in a remote area south of here, around Split Mountain, a man whose car had broken down was found dead. He was shoeless and his brain had boiled.

Myself and my brothers, part of the Theroux family

He is thought to be cynical. I should publish more books. He publishes too much.

Paul told me that if he had read my novel Darconville’s Cat in high school, he would never have started to write. And in a way, I began to write in order to catch up to him.

Alexander Theroux philosophizes on Black's Beach nakedness

Last Eden

Black’s Beach. The “world’s largest nude beach” as it is commonly billed, it may come as something of a surprise to many San Diegans, is officially—legally, technically, formally—a non-nude beach. Clothing is not optional; it ...

Revolucion: Big Curio Store, Long Bar, Hotel Nelson, Foreign Club, Sara's, Maxim's, Caesar's Hotel, Jai Alai

The street where nothing ever happens until it does

Avenida Revolucion begins at the boundary of the United States and Mexico, at the junction with Avenida Internacional where, at rush hour, cars come racing around the corner onto Revolucion. At the very bottom of ...