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Bottle Rocket fills a Monkey Paw sized hole

Burgers and Nashville hot chicken join cheesesteaks on the menu

There’s an unavoidable sense of déjà vu as I sit at the bar, steadily chomping my way through a cheesesteak, intermittently washing it down with a local craft beer. Part of that feeling is driven ...

Moto Deli enjoying its Leucadia revival

Smoked turkey and pork belly drive the return of a chef-helmed sandwich shop

Over the past six years, Moto Deli has woven one of our region’s most circuitous food truck stories, with nearly as many twists and turns as a Bong Joon-ho film. After first hitting the road ...

Can you stomach the head at De Cabeza?

Former Texcoco location savors every part of a cow’s noggin

When Chula Vista’s longtime lamb barbacoa favorite, Aqui Es Texcoco, moved into bigger digs up the street last year, the folks behind it held on to its 1043 Broadway location to focus on a different ...

Tin Fork

A tale of two sushis at El Pez and Baja Oyster & Sushi Bar

“Today, it has to be the Crazy Caesar Roll.”

When it comes to sushi, the Southland is definitely rising. I’m coming out into the sun from the dentist’s office, down here in the Otay area. Feeling a lot better. Ready to tackle — hey ...

Beer News

Insurgente brewery shut down again

Governor Bonilla's brother across the street doesn't like the noise

Ian Anderson of the Reader reported in December that Tijuana’s Insurgente brewery resumed making beer in Zona Rio on December 18 after being shut down by city authorities. But now in late January, the state ...

When craft beer momentum slows down, Longship keeps rowing

“Being a local, smaller brewery has better longevity than being the next giant”

Viking longships were the dominant naval vessels of their time, in part due to their versatility. They were pushed by large, rectangular sails, but also fitted with oars so they could row on, regardless whether ...

Booze News

The ambitious Pacific Coast Spirits brings urban distilling to Oceanside

Grape vodka, heirloom corn bourbon, and a plan to malt its own barley

A December 5 grand opening of Pacific Coast Spirits has officially made the city of Oceanside home to an urban distillery. For the past two years, the craft spirits producer has been transforming the 12,000-square-foot ...

Pour Over

Neff Coffee, a roaster on the go

A father-and-son mobile roasting operation hits the streets

While exercising my dog last week, I found San Diego’s newest coffee roaster; or should I say the coffee roaster found me? Neff Coffee Roasters isn’t San Diego’s first coffee truck, but it is the ...

Set 'em Up Joe

Farmer Bottega’s Rosie Elephant inspires one’s inner Rainbow Warrior

Its graceful parade of flavors never lets the palate forget the parts for the whole

When the Farmer’s Bottega bartender Shannon Pierce created The Rosie Elephant, she looked to local farmlands and African savannas for inspiration. “It really originated out of nowhere!” she says. “I had tasted all of the ...

Here's the Deal

Kimpton Hotel's alleyway of Mexican primo spirits

1/4 ounce of creme de violet binds to scent receptors

“Curadero” may not mean much outside of the downtown San Diego Kimpton, but within its lobby-side, mural-strewn walls, the neologism signifies top-quality Cali-Baja cuisine, inspired cocktails, choice drafts, 80+ premium Mexican spirits (including mezcal, bacanora, ...

Let’s Be Friends

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