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Mary’s Gourmet: ghost salad restaurant

Miramar kitchen delivers big, healthy chopped salads to your doorstep

It’s probably fair to count me among the nine out of ten of Americans the CDC says don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. One problem is that my preferred diet of tacos, fried chicken, and ...

Trust the Breakfast B in suite 3825

Sassy brunch spot brings life to a struggling Hillcrest location

It’s tough to ignore a restaurant name like Breakfast Bitch. Which could prove to be important, because the willfully sassy breakfast spot recently filled in a Hillcrest location that’s been devastating to its past few ...

San Diego Reader 2019 Burgers issue

From Oceanside to Escondido to Sherman Heights to Mount Laguna

Ian Anderson Look out for the burger of the day A hub for carnivores in Escondido’s historic downtown, it might be tough to notice the burgers past all the smoked meats and poutine. You’ll do ...

Tin Fork

Blue Jay Lodge: right out of Davy Crockett!

“Here’s the thing about this food. It’s not Cordon-anything, but it is delicious.”

These places! They all look right out of Davy Crockett! Where we’re heading is this 1919 lodge 6000 feet up on Mount Laguna, 100 years old this year, actually serving nosh and hauling grog up ...

Beer News

It’s always fünf o’clock at Deft Brewing

Linda Vista area brewer finds a year-round audience for European styles

It’s September, and that means several of San Diego’s craft breweries have been gearing up for Oktoberfest, breaking out their German beer recipes and planning modest parties loosely modeled after Munich’s massive end of summer ...

Amplified Ale Works' underground arts venue

The Acid Vault brings poetry, comedy, drag shows, and more to East Village

The Acid Vault was supposed to be a place for barrel aging beers to sour. At least, that was the original plan when Amplified Ale Works took over the space overlooking Fault Line Park last ...

Booze News

Revolt Wine Co. targets a different kind of wine drinker

The keg-only local wine label wants its wine where there’s live music

No adult beverage is more closely tied to a sense of geography than wine. Names of wine growing regions are used as shorthand for quality, attributed to an appellation’s terroir. In other words, the flavor ...

Pour Over

Claro Coffee goes with the grain

An industrial zone lumber shop furnishes the prettiest café in town

The best looking coffee shop in San Diego has sprung up in a surprising place: within a specialty lumber shop in the Morena district. Claro Coffee serves locally roasted coffee from Zumbar Coffee & Tea, ...

Set 'em Up Joe

Farmer Bottega’s Rosie Elephant inspires one’s inner Rainbow Warrior

Its graceful parade of flavors never lets the palate forget the parts for the whole

When the Farmer’s Bottega bartender Shannon Pierce created The Rosie Elephant, she looked to local farmlands and African savannas for inspiration. “It really originated out of nowhere!” she says. “I had tasted all of the ...

Here's the Deal

Kimpton Hotel's alleyway of Mexican primo spirits

1/4 ounce of creme de violet binds to scent receptors

“Curadero” may not mean much outside of the downtown San Diego Kimpton, but within its lobby-side, mural-strewn walls, the neologism signifies top-quality Cali-Baja cuisine, inspired cocktails, choice drafts, 80+ premium Mexican spirits (including mezcal, bacanora, ...