Fishinmortician July 23, 2017 @ 9:27 a.m.

LAZ Parking seems to be the same ol' tune with a different juke box number. I got a $39 ticket for parking in Cafe Coyote's underground parking facility while I ate at Cafe Coyote. On top of being a private company writing the ticket, this is private property. I imagine they are acting as an agent of the owner, so it is no different than if a bus boy or cook came down and wrote me the ticket (No Parking Zone - the paint was worn out and only a very close inspection revealed the shadow-remains of "NO". Otherwise, it said simply, "Parking"). I have had the ticket and accompanying envelope on the coffee table next to my chair for about a month now, suspiciously eyeballing the stress-inducing paperwork each time I sat down to watch TV. This morning I had time to do the research . . . . WHAT A SCAM! This would be the same as if I were to write "You owe me $39" on a piece of scrap paper from the garage when you park in my driveway uninvited, slip the paper under your wiper and tell you that not paying up could jeopardize your vehicle registration, ability to sell your vehicle, ever again park on my street and your dog would get sick and die within the month, your cat within a week and your canary immediately. What a truck load full of manure! My ticket will now - obviously - go unpaid. In addition, even though Cafe Coyote is a great place to take visitors from out of town, they will never see my face, or guests, nor our money $$$, ever again. As a retired (28 years) El Cajon peace officer, my opinion is that this enforcement privatization not only serves to undermine the authority and jobs of trained and responsible parking enforcement personnel, who are sworn employees, but it also smacks of vigilantism, misrepresentation and I sure as hell am not paying mine. Furthermore, (my personal opinion, which I think is firmly based on available law and what I think a judge would have to say), I would advise anyone getting a private parking ticket on private property to NOT recognize the cite as being issued by valid authority. I never knew underhanded stuff like this went on and it saddens me. The cities of San Diego and Chula Vista should be ashamed of themselves! I am really surprised the lawsuits aren't piling up on LAZ Parking's doorstep. The only reason I am not shredding my cite? I'm holding onto it for the class action!


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