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Javajoe25 Dec. 3, 2012 @ 9:13 p.m.

I'm sorry; I just can't get right with this. I think it's great that this duck farm treats the ducks so well and lets's them roam for most of their lives, but sticking a tube down their throat and force feeding them three times a day is just wrong! It's so far from natural, the only thing I can equate it with is torture. Painless, but torture nonetheless.

I did watch the video and heard the veterinarian explain how ducks have different throats than us, and how they breathe through their tongue, so there is no gag reflex when the long tube is inserted down their throat, but this is not how ducks are supposed to obtain their food. That's the biggest issue I have with it: ducks are not meant to have food dumped down their throat three times a day, every day.

I understand foie gras is delicious, but still; and I know other animals are fattened up for the kill, but not like this. They are fed well, but allowed to eat normally. When they've had enough, they stop eating. Force feeding ducks seems cruel and crazy. I mean, how good can something be to justify doing something as crazy as this?


Jay Allen Sanford Jan. 15, 2013 @ 11:26 p.m.

It's interesting - and telling - how several commentators complain about the writer being "judgmental," who then pass their own disparaging judgments on that writer. One could pose to them the same questions they posited - did you RESEARCH the writer's frequent work for the Reader before commenting? Did you bother to get to KNOW her at all?

Miss Braun has forged a niche at the paper as an observational "on the street" reporter whose conversational accounts tend to represent an "everyday person" POV. As such, one wouldn't expect her to self-school herself into an "expert" on cosplay before writing about what she sees of that scene (an admittedly small slice of the local incarnation of that scene, anyway). She found something interesting, talked to some people, and wrote about it.

I too would love to read a more in-depth and in-the-know account of the imaginative cosplayers of SD (especially the steampunk crowd that has emerged from the last few years' of Comic-Cons and SP events) - that wasn't what this cover feature was intended to be, nor should anyone have expected it. The author was clear from the outset that she wasn't familiar with the scene or its participants before looking into it - the article was ABOUT her looking into it. And about what she found.

It was an interesting read, and I don't think her interviewees were shown in a poor light. These are interesting, imaginative, and daringly gregarious young people (well, MOST were young), who represent just one emerging faction of a growing artform of self-expression. There are clearly many more fascinating stories to be told about their scene. But, for starters, this one was just fine.


Visduh Jan. 19, 2013 @ 11:01 p.m.

The story? You expect a story? Don't you see the story in the photo? I don't either. Maybe we are just old fogies with no sense of humor and/or pop culture.


Mercy Baron Sept. 20, 2013 @ 10:38 a.m.

You know what? Police may not always handle things in a way that is to our liking. But just download the police app to your smart phone and listen for a little bit. You would NOT believe the crap they must deal with on a daily basis...not just in OB. It gave me a whole new respect for what their job encompasses....a bunch of crap!! You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop....anywhere! Props!


Jay Allen Sanford May 4, 2016 @ 1:59 a.m.

RE rebuttal comments, I'd counter that this was a newsworthy incident, well-covered here, with both customer and operator given the opportunity to present their differing POVs. I don't see it as "hating on OB" - even when noting where it took place, the reporter just says Newport Avenue. The only reference to OB is unavoidable, due to it being the name of a related business, OB Noodle House.


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