McO March 27, 2013 @ 2:02 p.m.

I know this story from first hand. The sad part is that he was in there so long over something he didn't do. It's sad to see that you cry for help and then end up being accused of murder. All men should be careful who you have a relationship with, some women are careless negligent toward their children like in this case and when something goes wrong automatically the boyfriend did it. Yes the baby died while in his care but there is no proof that says he did something to the baby, those accusations come from the prosecution side. For the record, the mother didn't pay any bills or rent, she should have been caring for her child nobody else, if she would have taken her to dr. the night before like he asked her to, that would have prevented all this situation, to a real mother children should come before anything. I am a mother, my children always come first. He is innocent.


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