eastlaker March 13, 2013 @ 5:04 p.m.

But they continue to act in ways that indicate they do not care one bit about the lives, livelihoods, and futures of the people in this district!!

What gives this bunch carte blanche to act this way?

And what about the musical chairs scenerio that supposedly will be taking place with Cheryl Cox becoming the superintendent when Brand leaves/retires/is otherwise indisposed? You see, it offends me greatly that the "ruling elite" of this community do and say little to effectively improve and encourage this community. They seem to congratulate themselves for all sorts of non-achievements, while taking all our tax and bond monies and misusing them.

Yet, they want to continue holding office or acting as a trustee or superintendent or some such position of authority while only looking out for themselves. All I can say is they must truly lack any insight into themselves and the community in which they find themselves existing...sort of like cyborgs...sometimes they act the part and they seem almost human...other times one can see they are without a shred of humanity.


Jmbrickley June 19, 2013 @ 12:56 p.m.

I believe the issue with Mr. Mercado's sign was that it was being vandalized by Tom Hassey, Ed Brand's "Chief of Staff." Mr. Hassey was observed coming out of the district office, crossing the street, trespassing onto private property and attempting to destroy the sign. One can only assume his actions were at the behest of the Superintendent. Not exactly exemplary behavior on the part of the district.

This story is significant because John McCann "deserted his post" as a board member during a very important presentation to the board by staff, on the subject of student safety during a live shooter event. John McCann felt his twenty five cent sign was more important than his elected responsibilities. He was away from his seat for the better part of a half hour. This story is also about how John McCann has shown the public yet again that he is willing to squander public resources in the pursuit of his petty grievances. Also, as is so clearly shown in the photo of John McCann photographing Ms. Cheers' license plate, that he would choose to do this, rather than return to his elected duties, when everyone in the room knew where the sign was.

No, these stories are not about signs. Rather, they are about human behavior. They are about how some people will behave in extreme and bizarre ways over some rather trivial matters. These stories are about how certain individuals demonstrate erratic and off balanced decision making when faced with choices that more sane people would laugh off.

No, this story was not about a sign. This story was about John McCann and why he is so wrong for the people of the south bay.


Shineqi June 24, 2013 @ 9:23 p.m.

Mr. McCann,

Aren't you embarrassed yet? We are.

I am getting tired of explaining to colleagues from other districts that SUHSD is comprised of passionate educators and education support professionals, who just happen to be governed by petulant, arrogant, corrupt buffoons. The distance from which we may travel from the district boundaries and still have to do so is getting longer and longer.

I can't imagine that you don't know the difference between Mercado's filing a police report and your calling 911 to have four patrol cars show up to the DO. If you really don't, why not call one of our brothers or sisters at the Chula Vista Police Officers' Association. They will explain it to you.

And finally, it is disconcerting and sad that you feel the need to interject your military service into nearly every conversation. You were on active duty for ten months and never got close to combat. I was on active duty for 48 months and also never got close to combat. I would be horrified if someone were to refer to me as a "hero." You should be, too.

I'll bet you didn't know that last year we celebrated the retirement of a teacher who was one of the most decorated Vietnam veterans who ever worked in the district. You were probably writing a graduation speech in which you used the word "Iraq" more times than the word "Sweetwater." His silver star and three purple hearts make your service and mine look rather inconsequential, don't you think?

I think the bottom line is that we think you should grow up. Start doing your job with the passion and pride that we do ours. This is not a stepping stone to higher office (especially not now.) This is a high calling in and of itself. And right now, your job is about five and a half feet taller than you are.


eastlaker June 25, 2013 @ 3:07 p.m.

So we are pretty sure the tactics currently being employed by those who are indicted is to "stay in place", thereby attempting to give the impression that all is well.

The tactics by the Sweetwater District Office as lead by Fast Eddy, scammer of scammers, include stalling on all requests for public documents, as well as continuing 'business as usual' with real estate deals chugging along (as noted in the recent Star-News). So does that make three real estate deals happening? 3rd Avenue, not too far from St. Rose of Lima. L Street, otherwise known as the Grand Fiasco, the pit wherein what--upwards of $20 million of Sweetwater's best have been laid to rest? And then Moss St.

Let's not forget all the arrangements with the institutions of higher learning...so amazing that so very little gets done in the open air where we can see it.

Mr. Brickley, you are right. If we know about what I just mentioned, yet Fast Eddy and friends are not sharing more, it is because they have more to hide.

We might as well prepare ourselves. It isn't going to be pretty. It isn't going to be nice. It is as if this district has been carved into pieces of cake and given out to friends at the District Garden Party. And the school children are looking in through the wrought iron gates at what used to be their school district.


anniej June 27, 2013 @ 10:03 a.m.

The message rings loud and clear - change, REAL change is what is needed.

The meeting last night brought to the forefront the obvious - we can not simply replace the majority of the board and feel as if we have accomplished something. No we must do our due diligence and bring about a new foundation on which to build.

TERM LIMITS - one of the speakers at last nights meeting spoke of this change. TWO TERMS. There are petitions if you would like to sign. All we need is 1,000.

REPRESENTATION BASED ON RESIDENCE - the majority agreed. I personally do not see that helping, I as a voter want to be represented by the entire board, I want to be able to express my ideas and hopefully be heard by all 5, especially since many students are no longer going to their home schools. But perhaps my age is showing and I simply do not want my rights limited. If I have vetted a good candidate in National City, even I do not live there, I want to continue to vote for that candidate. Now some have used the dirt at Southwest as an example why local representation would be better. Look folks, we as taxpayers are more and more voting for someone and walking away. So I guess my point is this, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STAY ENGAGED. Do you think that dirt would have sat there for over 2 years at my community school? That would be a no. But again this my opinion, and I am opening it up for discussion. A petition for this is available as well.

CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION LIMITATIONS - Maty Adato is working on this, please help by commenting on theses blogs and at the board meetings your thoughts. Jim Cartmill, Brand and the others do read them - I would not put it past Brand to have hired someone whose MJO (major job objective) is to read them and report back.

EDUCATION OF THE SOUTH BAY - This is a must, each one of us can share in this responsibility. In whatever way we can we must become the town cryer. Instead of THE BRITISH ARE COMING - we need to cry CHANGE IS NEEDED. Social media is one example. All of you who have children - have them forward on for example, The READER stories, have your child ask their friends to go and have their parents read the story. Those of you who are involved in local sports - copy a story on about 20 pieces of paper and hand them out. T shirts, "SWEETWATER UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT - LARGEST CORRUPTION SCANDAL IN SAN DIEGO HISTORY - ask me about it". Wear them to Von's, Costco. Neighbors, we must begin a serious conversation, we must take back the power that our vote give us. NOW IS THE TIME!!!


oskidoll June 27, 2013 @ 3:45 p.m.

Often, a shirt vendor will do the art work. Check with ASB folks, or others who frequently order shirts, to find out who is reliable, and is big enough to supply various styles and sizes. I recommend that we pick a color and stay with it....In this case, red would work well with an outline of a bandit-type person with a mask in black. (There are lots of shirt vendors, some better than others.)

Perhaps someone can volunteer to be the treasurer and start collecting money for the shirt effort...I'll be happy to contribute to the start-up. We'd need to collect enough to underwrite the purchase of a first order and then start selling. (Maybe a PayPal account for online shirt sales?)

Here's a thought -- the upcoming Bonita Fest (perhaps other venues such as the Lemon Festival and other similar fairs) would be a great place to sell shirts and spread the word. They would also be great places to solicit 'interest' cards or contact information from folks who would be interested in participating once strategies are in place, especially as the campaign season opens up next spring. Once there is a logo design established place, banners and buttons can also be made for sale.
Someone with business experience would need to assist with the formalities to get up and operating. Perhaps there can be a finance committee chair; and a person who will guide the actual organization, and explore opportunity and responsibility for non-profit status.

It is like a campaign, but not for an election (yet)...rather to get folks rallied and aware that there are opportunities to protest the status quo and to help educate everyone about the need for change. GO TEAM!


johndewey June 30, 2013 @ 10:58 a.m.

eastlaker wrote: ["And why should the public, the taxpayers want to hand anything over to Mayor Cox, as we haven't heard one thing from her on this subject. Get real."]

I agree with eastlaker's take on replacing Ed Brand with mayor Cox. One can only guess that her (and others') silence on these matters is due to "political caution". This is why, as others have written, our next superintendent should not be a political player. Furthermore, when we stop treating school district superintendents like corporate CEO kings, the whole system will improve, in my opinion. Post the job with a salary equal to the highest paid teacher pro-rated for extra time spent on the job, take away all credit cards, free meals, cars, all perks, etc., and you just might get someone to apply that really wants the job of overseeing the education of our kids rather than pursuing their personal ambitions.


bvagency June 30, 2013 @ 11:24 a.m.

I also have to agree on the above takes on Mayor Cox. It has been frustrating that our own City of Chula Vista leaders ( city council and mayor) have refused to publicly acknowledge a problem at Sweetwater. Why is that? Because they likely value their political will over that of the Sweetwater community's will. We certainly dont need another superintendent that values their will over that of the populace.


Susan Luzzaro June 30, 2013 @ 8:42 p.m.

Visduh, you have called me out and you're right--I believe the public record act is essential criteria for democracy. You are an ardent follower of politics, so I can't tell you much more than you already know about the recent budget act and the attempt to disembowel the public record act. At first the assembly was sending up an amended bill to save the p.r. but the senate was not going to pass it. According to Senator Steinberg, if he heard of ONE CPRA violation by a public entity, then the senate would reinstate the PRA. Ultimately, the ship righted itself. But I would still like to see that keen eye on compliance.

I encountered major derailments and delays with Southwestern College PRAs when Chopra was the superintendent and Alioto was the vice president. Both are now indicted for alleged corruption.

I asked for communications in my PRAs between the program manager/vendor and the administrators. I was told there were none, but when the DA raided homes and took computers and cell phones it turns out...yes, there was a lot of communication.

Sorry to be long-winded and to be wearing rose-colored glasses. But, if the PRA functioned as it should have for me and for the numerous individuals and media representatives who were inquiring about things that looked suspicious, how many $$$ would the public have been saved? Thank you for reading...closely, Susan


Reader2 July 8, 2013 @ 9:18 a.m.

A few questions: I would like to know if students can transfer credits to SDSU.
What is the cost per unit? What classes will be offered, where and when? Thank you.


SurfPuppy619 July 8, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m.

What is the cost per unit? SKY HIGH!!!!!!

As with all of these so called "non profits" they pay outrageous sums to the employees, far more than state schools, and laugh all the way to the bank.

On a better side, USIU, aka "Alliant" has Jamie Foxx as an alumni!


bbq July 10, 2013 @ 1:33 p.m.

Bingo.... That is the real question...

The thought process and the public vetting of this scheme is where it all falls apart in my opinion!

The whole discussion of the MOU documents (HA HA) signed by the Board and the speed of the "Deal" spell out improper actions on the Staff and the Superintendant.

If this is such a great thing for our students, where is the public outcry and support, the only support is from Ed and his cronies.

As reported the other options are available, why does this, Alliant U seem to be the prefered option that gets special treatment? BTW are they paying for use of the Facilities for the seminars? or are we subsidizing the Alliant U recruiting effort?

retorical questions.... BBQ


oskidoll July 10, 2013 @ 12:54 p.m.

Current SUHSD students may attend Southwestern for nothing, with the permission of their parent(s) and high school counsleor.
Students who are no longer in high school pay California Community College fees,currently $46 per unit for California residents. There are Board of Governors fee Waivers (BOGW) for students who are financially eligible.

There are new associate degrees with guarantees specifically for transfer to California State Universities, such as SDSU, San Marcos, etc. Not sure if the former TAG agreements (Transfer Agreement Guarantees) are still in place with UC.

Clearly, the public community college is the better deal from the outset, and students (and families) will not be saddled wtih so much debt.

Why Ed is promoting costly (and possibly less rigorous) alterntive pathways for SUHSD students is the $64 million dollar question. It would be interesting to attend these 'information' sessions hear (and possibly record) what is being said and promised, and to get copies of the literature. No need to be confrontational, that probably wouldn't work to help our cause anyway because in the end, students and parents do have a choice.

We need to learn why and how Ed is positioning a questionable, and expensive, option so favorably. And, a good question would be, "Why not have such informaion sessions to include representatives of Southwestern College?' At one time, there were annual 'college night' fairs at local high schools. What has happend to them? Do they still exist? If so, why is Ed giving Aliant special status and entree' to our kids and their parents?


johndewey Nov. 4, 2013 @ 5:48 p.m.

Who does this Mr. McLaughlin think he is? Doesn't he realize he works for me/us, the public? When a reporter asks a question, the public is asking the question. Evidently, to him, being asked logical, legitimate questions is a form of harassment. Well, to me, that means that he either has something to hide, or he simply has no business representing a public school district in any capacity, let alone as their chief compliance officer.


Jmbrickley Aug. 3, 2013 @ 8:03 p.m.

Jim Cartmill deserves props for being and acting the professional that he is. He, of all the current board members who have recently been the President of the Board, has run the meetings in the most efficient and professional manner. However, in the matters that are most important to the community, the members of the board are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. Right now, Jim is part of the problem. What he sees as sound solutions to complex problems turns out to be no more than support for a system of leadership that is out of touch with the community and no longer in sync with the desires and demands of the citizenry of Sweetwater. The community wants change with the old status quo, the nepotism that is the earmark of Jesus Gandara and Edward Brand, the fiscal disasters that are Brand's alone, the blatant disregard for transparency, honesty, and above all, a fairness that all involved deserve. As long as Jim Cartmill continues to support the status quo, he is part of the problem.


bvagency Nov. 4, 2013 @ 7:01 p.m.

This is another example of the mismanagement, lies, deceit and outright fraud being perpetuated by Ed Brand. His inconsistencies in his email to me about whether $500 or $5000 were spent is an example of his deceit. A knowledgeable member of our community with extensive construction background saw the hall and thought each door alone cost approximately $1000. Bill McGloughlin is an active participant in this deceit as was evidenced by his responses to Susan's questions.

I find it hard to believe that a superintendent that hires a private investigator to bully community members, calls the bosses of community members, asks employees to log into the district website from their personal computers so he can monitor their usage, and who bully's and tries to intimidate teachers, had no idea of this hall of fame. Ed Brand has no credibility with all of the past lies he has told and the embarrassments he has caused the district.

I doubt that any coaches, teachers or community members would want his name associated with any sort of athletic hall of fame. What has he done for district athletics, other than try to create a separate sports section as he does not believe we can compete, increase bus charges to schools for extra curricular activities, and embarrass the district with his actions.

I would say a more deserving person to name the hall after would be someone like Gail Devers - a respected, accomplished graduate of our district who has achieved incredible things, not a buffoon like Ed Brand!!



angrybirds Aug. 8, 2013 @ 12:33 p.m.

Well if Brands time in National City is over which community will he prey on next San Ysidro? Because we know that Chula Vista will never go for this crap and hopefully San Ysidro wont either. This dude has some big calzones. He thinks he is above the law with everything he does. Where the heck is the board of this district and why is the only one speaking up, Lopez as usual. Hey Pearly isnt National City your community? Didnt you ride in the convertible waving to the crowd at homecoming? Then why the hell are you staying quiet and letting this person take advantage of the kids in your community that you care so much for. Just goes to show you everyone is right about you, you just care about yourself.


eastlaker Aug. 7, 2013 @ 3:39 p.m.

That would be: Arlie Ricasa, Jim Cartmill and John McCann. However, at this time Mr. McCann is recovering from an automobile accident he was in approximately a month ago.

There have been no public statements made regarding Mr. McCann's ability to return to his position as a trustee with the school district, merely that a full recovery is expected.

This could put Fast Eddy's lock (in terms of projects he wants voted in) in jeopardy, but the Sweetwater board has ruled that ties mean that the vote is passed, not that the vote has failed--unlike every other organization in the history of the free world.

With Sweetwater, there are no rules, which is just the way Fast Eddy likes it. Fast and loose, chase the goose, get the goods, rule the hoods, grab the haul, then jump the wall. He has done it before, has Fast Eddy...


anniej Aug. 9, 2013 @ 9:45 a.m.

We are now into August of 2013 - the trials scheduled for February of 2014. The next board elections are in 2014 - seats up for grabs Jim Cartmill, Arlie Ricasa and John McCann.

One way or another the movement to return integrity to SUHSD will be won or lost in the next 15 months. Why am I raising this as a talking point - the Eastlakers, the bbq's, the oskidoll's and LaLucha's - the erupting s, the angrybirds, and joepublics - the Visduh's, the Julain Asange's, and Reader2's and many many more of you who read need to prepare to vet quality candidates that WE WILL ELECT to serve the students and taxpayers.

We will not let the Burt spoilers attempt to sabotage our elections by splitting the vote. By entering the race and failing to show up at the community forums to identify their intentions for positive growth.

Groups continue to form - some large some small - have you formed or joined one? Educating our village (south Bay) that is the mission.

15 short months folks, just 15 months!!!!!!!!

Bye bye Ed Brand!!!!!!!!!


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