Sweetwater Interim Superintendent Ed Brand to Get Contract?

Although no meeting notice has been posted on the Sweetwater Union High School District website, several reliable South Bay community members are passing around the information that the Sweetwater board will hold a special meeting ...

anniej Sept. 2, 2012 @ 1:13 p.m.

"although no meeting has been posted" - surely Ms. Luzzaro you jest, suhsd is, in no way interested in keeping the taxpaying public involved in sweetwaters business. secretive, behind closed doors, under the table, obstructionist, shell games - but a few of the synonyms used to describe and define the business of suhsd.

opening up the boundaries has created a mess, if you take the time to review the commonly asked questions on brands message you will note that the population numbers brand gives are from 2008. perhaps he lost track of time as well as integrity this is almost 2013. why not give the attendance numbers of 2009, 2010, and 2011

communicating with the taxpayer via internet vs personal forum - ah hello, this is not a job that you phone in - ESPECIALLY WHEN you are getting paid $240.000.00 a year. and then there is this issue of 5 WEEKS VACATION PAY, when did that happen, when did the board vote that in?

come on south bay, WAKE THE HELL UP, brans is looking to solidify this contract because he sees the writing on the wall - he no longer is simply facing 'the antagonists' he is now facing:

the men of integrity that currently serve on the bond oversight committee - such a disappointment these guys are to brand, for they will not be dictated to - hell the group has FORGOTTEN MORE about construction, business, construction management, and laws pertaining to building then brand will ever know. and that just bugs brand to death. hopefully the welcomed new members will bring with them the same integrity, but not worry any plants will surely be identified sooner vs later.

the elections, brand has allegedly been hard at work denying any relationship with candidate grossman, even though he is out there beating the bushes at every function he attends promoting 'his guy'. i am hearing administrators have been asked for donations for the past nfl player who team mates allegedly referred to as 'a guy who was not known for telling the truth'. hmm now i get the connection. google offers an abundance of info - don't you just love the internet. offers up the info and allows you to connect all of the dots. but then there were all of those brand/grossman meetings on brands calendar.

the concerned eastlake folks. their childrens lives have been negatively impacted. the students education negatively impacted, their very own community now dealing with even more traffic. and he respects you by sending you a web message. HOW DO YOU LIKE BRAND NOW???????

BRAND WANTS THE CONTRACT SO HE CAN DO WHAT HE DID UP NORTH - when he is let go we will be forced to buy out his contract. you wait and see, our weak board will most likely allow him to write his own contract - 'you tell us what you want and it is yours' just like they did with 'the gandara'. mr cartmill this is an open suggestion for you: write the contract as if you solely were paying for it. remember this is a business that you are suppose to be overseeing.


eastlaker Sept. 2, 2012 @ 7:57 p.m.

I appreciate your thoughts, yet I would ascribe a rather more bleak view regarding why Ed Brand returned to Sweetwater. Put simply, Sweetwater is the only place Ed's arbitrary, unilateral and pernicious decision-making could be tolerated. But he is finding out that--even here, he will no longer be tolerated.

Brand has been assuming that the public here in SUHSD consists of ill-educated and lackadaisical sheep who lack the gumption to stand up for what they know and believe to be right. He is wrong--we will not tolerate his corruption and conspicuous disregard for the public weal.


Alex_Anguiano Sept. 3, 2012 @ 6:50 p.m.

If a special school board meeting is called for to offer a contract to a superintendent, it would be an illegal meeting. AB 1344 took effect January 1, 2012 as a response to the scandals in the City of Bell. However, district administrators are aware that calling for a special meeting would violate the law. Guess I’d better remind the Board anyhow. Hopefully, it is just a rumor that is being circulated. This should only happen at a regularly scheduled public meeting. Come on Sweetwater, let’s do the right thing.


“Secondly, in efforts to increase transparency, district boards will no longer be authorized to call a special meeting to deliberate the salary, salary schedule, or compensation paid in the form of fringe benefits to a local agency executive. Subsequently, after January 1, 2012, any action by a Board to approve or renew the contract of a local agency executive must be taken at a regular board meeting and cannot be approved at a special meeting of the board. However, this provision does not prohibit a local district board from calling a special meeting to discuss the district’s budget.”


“SEC. 9. Section 54956 of the Government Code is amended to read: 54956. (b) Notwithstanding any other law, a legislative body shall not call a special meeting regarding the salaries, salary schedules, or compensation paid in the form of fringe benefits, of a local agency executive, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 3511.1. However, this subdivision does not apply to a local agency calling a special meeting to discuss the local agency’s budget.”

More info:


anniej Sept. 3, 2012 @ 10:37 a.m.

Visduh: you have defined the real brand. i am quite sure he reads these comments, i wonder if he will take pause and realize that you have given us all a glimpse into his immediate future. the person he allegedly has on speed dial, i am thinking certain members of the community do as well. brand brags that he has eyes and ears out in the community, silly little man - has he forgotten 'the antagonists'? the difference, their eyes and ears are/have shared DATA not simple words.

the pendulum is swaying - the public, as with 'the gandara', has had enough. let us give pause and think about 'those' who 'the gandara' took down with him. any guesses on who the 'those' will be in brand's case?

it was a little over a year ago when i typed similar words about 'the gandara' - we deserved better then and we deserve better now.

as you have reminded me Visduh i was a supporter of brand's i SOOOOOOOOOO wanted to believe. it is disheartening to put your faith in someone only to have it destroyed - silly little me.


anniej Sept. 2, 2012 @ 1:18 p.m.

parents who had transportation pulled out from under them. add them to the UNhappy camper list.

board members who have raised the ire of the entire south bay community - a community just itching to clean house. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH BRAND OR PAST CORRUPTION THEY WANT GONE. and yes johnny boy this definitely refers to you, after all, YOU JOHN MCCANN brought brand here that night WITH NO COMMUNITY INPUT and we remember when you stood in many of our living rooms promising not to take contractor donations, even though you had already taken said contributions. (check registrar of voters for verification, pay particular attention to monies donated by paul bunton companies (bca) and mr flores - these names ring a bell? they should both pleaded guilty in the pay to play scandal that plagued sweetwater and southwestern).


cvres Sept. 2, 2012 @ 1:34 p.m.

I think Sweetwater has too many of the same people and the same problems recirculating. It's time for a new superintendent--fresh air.


anniej Sept. 2, 2012 @ 7:29 p.m.

people are always asking how in the world this cast of characters all ended up at sweetwater - here is but a bit of what is sweetwater politics. after reading you should, like me, realize exactly what is going on.

  • pearl quinones, indicted board member was a child of socorro, texas
  • 'the gandara' aka jesus gandara was found in socorro, texas by jim cartmill and arlie ricasa.
  • 'corruptor at law' (my opinion) aka bonny garcia was sweetwaters x legal mind.
  • john nunez, x city council member of rosemead, california and the recipient of a campaign donation from pearl quinones - but here is the corker - all of those who donated monies into her campaign - well the monies she donated into his campaign came out of her campaign fund. no, i am not kidding.

so let me complete this circle for you - jim cartmill and arlie ricasa travel to socorro, texas to bring jesus gandara back here where pearl quinones resides and is a board member. bonny garcia allegedly backed by 'the gandara' becomes the main legal counsel for the board. john nunez, the city council member gets bonny garcia hired as the legal counsel for his city. then john nunez is 'accused' of making an off color remark about a colleagues wife and is then accused of sexual harassment. when nunez's bid for re election to the city council fails he then applies for unemployment benefits as an unemployed council member AND GETS IT. and what else did bonny garcia do for us? well he brokered 'the gandara's' sweet retirement deal when all along john mccann allegedly had in his possession a legal opinion (which he failed to deliver to his other board members) which stated 'the gandara' could be fired for cause.

now doesn't all of this make you warm and fuzzy about the persons running our district?

no wonder the community is voting for CAMERON and LOPEZ for the SUHSD board, they will be the:

BROOM AND DUST PAN TO CLEAN THIS DISTRICT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eastlaker Sept. 3, 2012 @ 5:40 p.m.

Yup, looks like he is re-branding, hahaha. New suit that is actually tailored, hair cut, and makeup for being on-camera...sure looks like he is job hunting.

The crookedest superintendent around hasn't stopped scrounging for all he can get.


No Confidence Vote For SUHSD Superintendent Ed Brand Being Circulated

No Confidence Vote for Sweetwater Union HS District Interim Superintendent Edward Brand Dr. Edward Brand has made several questionable decisions ...

SydneyJean Sept. 2, 2012 @ 6:30 p.m.

Ed Brand came back to the SUHSD because Sweetwater was in his blood. While I think that his intensions were good, his year is more than up and he has failed to be what folks had hoped he would be. The Board of Trustees needs to take a step back and look at what they may be getting ready to do. The fact of the matter is the Board needs to look for someone with fresh eyes that has the ability to get everyone one in the same direction. There is a reason the Board let Ed Brand go previously. They need to be collaborative and get community and staff input as to what the expectations are. They need to not go to the same "superintendent search company" as it seems this group seems to get regurgitated superintendents, freshen up their resumes and poof, we have another castoff. The Board has a unique opportunity to start fresh, get all stakeholders involved and begin the healing process for everyone. Let's see if this decision will not be based on taking care of someone who "we like"' but rather on doing the right thing. The staff and community deserve this much. Come on folks we need a fresh start.


anniej Sept. 2, 2012 @ 10:49 p.m.

susan: it is a shame that any of us have to take any amount of time exposing the truth. one would think when elected into office as our board has been; or hired as our superintendent has been that they would have the integrity and sense of public responsibility to do what is right - oh wait a minute, that is right anniej needs to be reminded she is not in 'wonderland' she is in the south bay - where very little about the leadership appears to follow the golden rule.

"it's good to have people like me" no, not at all, it is good to have news organizations like The Reader who report news vs. play politics. YOU have been reporting on southwestern and sweetwater FOREVER, and all of the folks down here appreciate your fair and unbiased reporting of the facts. reminds me of the days of huntley/brinkley and mike wallace - so few good reporters left. The Reader has become very popular down here, it seems to be the only real news we get. the 'other' paper (?) is all about providing the subscriber with the 'other papers' agenda - and to add insult onto injury YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.


anniej Aug. 15, 2012 @ 4:53 p.m.

bvagency: when brand calls a meeting with the ut to discuss concerning media coverage, and then all of a sudden the paper is virtually silent - well there goes one source of info. at this point The Reader is the only written source for facts, and believe it or not word of mouth is the second source. sooooooooo, what does that tell you?

why is brand still here? why was mccann not held accountable for giving 'the gandara' the golden parachute by holding back the second opinion regarding the fact that the legal opinion stated 'the gandara' could be fired for cause (which would have saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands), why haven't quinones and ricasa taking the honorable road and left their board seats i mean they have been indicted and will be going to trial early next year, why is cartmill not being held accountable for all of those campaign donations (mccann and ricasa received them as well) - illegal, no unethical? you be the judge (check the san diego registrar of voters)????

why are board members allegedly reaching out to like minds (my opinion) and asking them to run for the board? why do they care, why do they feel the need to influence and promote MORE OF THE SAME????? reporting in the north county seemed to indicate that brand was allegedly involved in such strategy - now we have one of the persons he has met with several times running against lopez. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm allegedly mccann and cartmill were hitting the 'find a board member that is of the same mind as they and brand road HARD, REAL HARD. again, hmmmmmmmmmm.

i could go on and on, but that would take far too much space.

  • why, why, why????????????????????????

because the masses are failing to hold them accountable thus far. but the tiger is being shaken - and we know what happens when you shake the sleeping tigher.

we saw what happened during the last elections - SOUTHWESTERN board members were voted out. are we hoping for the same - YES..............


anniej Aug. 29, 2012 @ 9:05 p.m.

bvagency: 'had not been finalized?' or did not meet HIS expectations?

this is yet ANOTHER reason why the search for a new superintendent should begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

correct me if i am wrong, but i could have sworn our tax dollars are what runs this district.

EASTLAKE HAS A PARKING LOT RIGHT???????? so why not hold our own meeting?


bvagency Aug. 30, 2012 @ 7:10 a.m.

The public meeting with other concerned citizens, neighbors and taxpayers (no Superintendent) is set for Thursday, August 30 at 7:00pm in the Otay Ranch Mall Food Court. Topics: Mello-Roos, Open Boundaries/Overcrowding/impacts     Hello Concerned Parents and neighbors/taxpayers,   As of this morning, our SUHSD Superintendent, Dr. Ed Brand, will not be attending the Public Meeting. Unfortunately, the Performing Arts Center cannot to be used for our meeting.  So, we are hoping that you will come and speak with us at the Otay Ranch Mall Food Court (same time Thursday 7pm) so that we can begin documenting impacts from this Open Boundaries policy change and concerns over the use of our Mello-Roos funds.    If you cannot make this meeting, please send Wanda an email with your name, email address, phone number, neighborhood school and a few sentences about the impact that you have experienced from the Open Boundary Policy and/or your concerns about how your Mello-Roos is used in this district.   We BELIEVE these issues are affecting the students across the district and we would like to present specific points. The board and superintendent don’t believe there are any issues resulting from their recent policy decisions.  Let’s give them the true story and document the impacts.   Dr. Brand has agreed to a community meeting in the second week of September. Once we have a firm date, time, location and agenda we will advise you. He has also agreed to allow small groups of parents to tour our respective schools so we can see firsthand his perspective that there are no issues. Your child must attend the school to tour it, so let us know if you are interested. The schools are Eastlake Middle and High, Bonita Middle and High, Otay Ranch High and Rancho Del Rey Middle. If your child attends one of these schools and you would like to tour it during the school day, let us know immediately.   If you would like to be listed as a concerned parent, please ADD your name and school to our list at: If you are unable to add your name there, please respond with your name to me and we will add your names     Check out the issues on Facebook SAFEGUARDING EDUCATION IN CHULA VISTA at   Check out Twitter: William Richter @wrichter00    


erupting Sept. 2, 2012 @ 9:02 a.m.

It's unbelievable that this board will vote to give Brand a contract but we all know they will. Brand is repeating his actions that got him fired in San Marcos. He's brought his cronies back as consultants, he even hired one of their wives as a teacher in the new charter school(McLaughlin. Brand, McCann,and yes folks Cartmill are asking for donations for Burt Grossman's campaign for Board of Trustee vs Bertha Lopez. Since Lopez got rid of the crook Gandara (which McCann takes credit for) the board and Brand have been seeking candidates to run against Lopez. Yes, that 5ft package is dangerous to all of them. At the last board mtg. She wanted to know why McCann's legal fees that were close to 8,000 were paid for by the district. I bet that answer will never come. McCann lost his bid in court against a citizen he didn't like and the judge saw through the scam. Thus McCann should pay for his own attorney. I bet Brand gets the same parachute clause in his contract that Gandara's exit clause had(tax payers pay attorney fees whether guilt or innocent) I can't wait to see this contract,it will probably be the largest give away in district history.Brand is at war with the Eastlake parents and totally disrespectful to them(with board backing) fighting the BOC and now on a spending frenzy of our tax dollars(new charter school on the horizon) God help us all.


erupting Sept. 2, 2012 @ 4:12 p.m.

Probably because John was a day late,and tried to take credit for Gandara when it was a done deal once Lopez made her press statement about Gandara. Obviously Mrs.McCann is smarter than her husband,she seems to realize that the public is fed up. I don't think John will do anything but vote for Brand's contract,after all he wears the uniform as we all have been told over and over and over.


Jmbrickley Sept. 3, 2012 @ 6:42 a.m.

There is an online "public vote of no-confidence" located at:

If you would care to add your voice to the growing number of people who are fed up with the actions of this "consultant," then please join us by adding your name to this effort.

Thank you,

John Brickley


joepublic Sept. 3, 2012 @ 3:36 p.m.

I watched Brand's "explanation" videos linked to this article. They are little more than hire me campaign pieces. The only thing missing is "I am Ed Brand, and I approve of this message". What a farce!


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