erupting May 8, 2012 @ 5:24 p.m.

Last night's events are accurately portrayed in this article. It was a painful experience to watch. It was tragic for the people who are being affected. The board and Brand (except Lopez) were a total disgrace. The masks totally came off of Pearl and Brand. People could not believe what they were seeing. Their total lack of concern was not disguised in the least. To not even change the venue and not let these teachers express their grief was unforgivable. Out with the old in with the new. It's the only way to end the corruption and arrogance. PS did anyone hear Cartmill talk about his 9,000 yearly donation. Definitely a drop in the hat when you consider what he's taken from contractors. I was not impressed. I wonder why he felt it necessary to mention it. It doesn't change his past and present voting history nor does it make up for his follies.


takeastand Sept. 8, 2012 @ 6:53 p.m.

"There they go again!". The board and interim superintendent continue with their arrogant ways. Any student success is in spite of their shenanigans. How long can the dedicated teachers and site personnel keep the house of cards together? I believe that there will be justice -- it takes time, but justice will prevail.


cvres Sept. 8, 2012 @ 7:02 p.m.

Several concerns here--

Furlough days mean fewer days for students education, as well as teacher pay. How many days of education are we -- general population--willing to cut?

Next concern-- if Brand gets a contract will he get a comfy package when he leaves like he did in North County?

And, Surf Puppy, Are we reading the same things? Just a teacher doesn't write about students--rather the difficulty of having to deal with the district management at the same time as teaching. I'm not sure what years you taught there? I was wondering what your class size was?


montana64 Sept. 8, 2012 @ 7:32 p.m.

Two grandiose charters 6,600 iPads, Are we richer/smarter-- With these sweetwater edu-techno fads? iWonder-- iWorry-- Jobs asunder, Staff scurries. Funds fly. Brains drain. Class sizes high--- Shame game! Brand spins. School board spawns: Resolutions. iPAWNS


savesweetwater Sept. 8, 2012 @ 10:34 p.m.

The Sweetwater school district, like all districts, is a PUBLIC agency. Their purpose is to provide the best education possible for the students of the district. According to the UT, Sweetwater is one of the few districts where STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT SCORES DROPPED over the last year. The district should be investing their energy now in some serious problem solving and needs assessment about academic improvement to ensure that the students are getting the best possible education.

Unfortunately, the district leadership seems much more interested in protecting their own political aspirations and lucrative deals. The Board should be ashamed that there have not been community forums about the qualities the community wants in a superintendent. They should be embarrassed by how their actions have demoralized the district employees and tarnished the district's reputation.

Solving the complex issues in education today requires everyone in the community working together. Major decisions that will effect over 40,000 students should be made in an open, honest and transparent manner , where everyone 's input is valued. Hiding the decision about the appointment of a permanent superintendent behind a vague posting (Brown Act violation) in a Special Meeting, hastily called (violation of AB 1344) is a cowardly move and shows the Board's disdain for the public they are supposed to represent.

Shame on them. And shame on us if we don't rise up as a community and say enough is enough. We demand leadership that leads in an ethical manner, and respects the people they were ELECTED to represent.


angrybirds Sept. 11, 2012 @ 9:37 a.m.

I came to this meeting wanting to see what this hoopla is about in this district and wow did I get an eye and earful. One speaker was almost thrown out because a board member had a hissy fit when his wife's name was mentioned, well sir tell your wife to stop expressing opinions in public and she wouldn't get you into this mess.

The president is an absolute idiot who was just waiting for the two minutes that people were given to hit the gavel and go onto the next speaker she wasn't even paying attention,

The way the board was sitting it looked like little Ms. Lopez was on a deserted island or way far out in left field by herself.

This school board needs to listen a bit and stop thinking about the allegiances to people who don't support students this Brand sounds like bad news and completely ego oriented!


eastlaker Sept. 11, 2012 @ 12:26 p.m.

Maria C. is politically aware enough to do what she is supposed to do--in terms of what Brand wants her to do. She did exactly what Gandara wanted her to do. She is part of Brand's current tactic of hiding behind the secretaries and clerks--Brand might be showing his insecurity here, or he could just be delegating what he doesn't want to deal with. She is very tight with information--in fact, I have attended meetings that she was in charge of, and all notes and papers were confiscated at the end of the meeting, so no one could have a record of what went on.


suhsdteacher Sept. 11, 2012 @ 5:51 p.m.

Here is my guess (and please remember, I am only a teacher): The Board researched Alex_Anguiano's information about the meeting being illegal and decided that they would not take action and just name Maria Castilleja (Bruja) Duty Officer, in Brand's absence. [See, we did nothing wrong people.] Interim Superintendent cannot accept a contract, therefore, Brand will resign (for like an hour, since he hasn't been working) and at the regularly scheduled meeting, it will be announced that he is now full time Sup. [No harm, no foul] Brand has the Board by the * because only he (and D. Russo) know the details of the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul Game" (borrowing from one fund/account with 120 day limit--moving $ from another to pay the one that is due, on and on) with regard to iPad $, mello-roos, etc. If I were a betting man, I would bet Brand is Sup. by end of next regularly scheduled meeting--otherwise name Bruja Interim Sup..


eastlaker Sept. 11, 2012 @ 6:33 p.m.

Exactly--why is everything a big mystery? Wheels within wheels of shenanigans, and I think all of us are beyond sick of it. What will it take to actually be in a position where we can learn the truth? Aren't we simply entitled to the truth? Why is so much being withheld? The only reason possible is that there is so much going on that is illegal that they are trying to scurry around and figure out how to hide it, or who they need to get to silently go away/pay off...as the old song goes, "I see a bad moon rising".


Susan Luzzaro Sept. 11, 2012 @ 6:23 p.m.

suhsdteacher, one of the amazing things about following this district, this board, is that for the most part it all seems to happen behind a veil. How is it that right now, people are having to speculate the who, the what, the when about a district superintendent, or interim superintendent? How is it that last night the public was told to channel their inquiries through someone else other than the interim superintendent? Does the public deserve more of an explanation of who is in charge of the district?


anniej Sept. 11, 2012 @ 6:50 p.m.

justateacher: perhaps that is why ms. castilleja was recommended to be the duty officer. brand knows her inadequacies and wants to capitalize on them. "see board, you need me". there are others with the expertise and who have the respect of all parties that could have been placed in a position of leadership - does our board know these facts? some do, some do and don't care, and some are simply not giving a d***.

all of this has caught the attention of many throughout the state - they are beginning to pay attention. i am reminded of the mayor of trenton who was, as reported yesterday, been arrested by the fbi. here the fbi had been monitoring the situation for over two years. the fbi had been taping secret meetings, phone lines, computer activity - the works. oh my!!!!!!!!!! i wonder if any of those secret meetings were held at a trenton miguels?

perhaps we have been so focused on the upcoming trials that we have not followed thru with facts and information that need addressing. the q and r will shortly be taken out of the equation. since the c and the m are not willing to investigate our concerns seriously and do the right thing - well perhaps it is time to gather up all of that info - , all of the - - -, all of the statements regarding - - -, all of the alleged - - -of brokers, all of the - - - - regarding mello roos,, all of the - - - and unanswered questions regarding prop o, all of the data regarding - - - , all of the rumored - - - tampering, all of the alleged - - - - - - - - . it is a shame when we as parents and taxpayers can no longer depend on those we vote into office to do the right thing. in truth we have no power other than the power of the judicial system.

we must remember 'the gandara' called them antagonizers, crazy and disgruntled x employees - funny the district attorney and fbi seemed to view them as credible - but in truth it was all of that ------------ info that made them credible. but remember before the antagonists, the crazy's and disgruntled x employees went to the fbi and the da - they went to the board - BUT THE BOARD TURNED A DEAF EAR, just as they are doing now,

so i ask you what is an antagonizer to do when they are ignored?

ding, ding, ding, ding, ding - ROUND 2


anniej Sept. 12, 2012 @ 7:07 p.m.

joepublic: excellent points. i can only imagine the bigger mess we would be in if the employees would not have had the protection of the union.


LaLucha Sept. 11, 2012 @ 7:57 p.m.

OK this has gone on long enough. WE DON"T WANT BRAND. We NEVER wanted Brand back. Brand has NEVER EVEN LIVED in our district. He is making MILLIONS off of our district, and his OTHER district he was fired from. You want to go into contract deals and payoffs? He made a BUNDLE off the iPad deal, which was ILLEGAL. Kids with iPads paid for by Mello Roos who don't live in Mello Roos area? WHERE is the transparency at Sweetwater? LOOK at the news! You can SEE the CRIMINALS on the Sweetwater School Board IGNORING THE PUBLIC they were voted in to represent. What a bunch of BAFFOONS, spending the money hand over fist, on WHAT? Sweetwater administration makes Bell look like AMATEURS. Brand is OVERPAID to the MAX. Time to POP the PINYATA and get the money back in the classrooms and school programs. Castilleja is a SHREW on a power trip, who will back stab ANYONE who obstructs her from shoveling more $$ into her bank account. Sweetwater School Board is a TOTAL FAILURE. NOBODY is secure in their teaching job. The classrooms are overcrowded. 14 furlough days WERE FORCED ON EVERYONE, and THESE IDIOTS are going to get the district into yet ANOTHER FAILING CONTRACT with ANOTHER money-sucking PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT PARASITE who has made himself a MILLIONAIRE off the money that was meant to educate the youth of SOUTH BAY. Hire LOCAL!!!! GET someone who CARES about SWeetwater. WE WANT A LOCAL for our new superintendent. Hire someone who has been a TEACHER. Hello? NO MORE PARASITES!! No more LEECHES!! No more LIVER FLUKES!! No MORE out- of-town LOSERS!!


Nichole Sept. 13, 2012 @ 9:21 a.m.

News 10 completely got this story wrong - I sent this to the reporter and his bosses at the station.

Mr. Little,

I am deeply disturbed and disappointed by your reporting and the lack of research or fact checking that you applied to your recent story on a school board meeting at the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) office in Chula Vista on September 10th.

Having attended the entire meeting as a concerned parent and not part of any Occupy Sweetwater group, I was there to help police the elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for the best interests of our children.

What you failed to report is that the meeting at already been adjourned by the board president prior to Mr. McCann's request for the pledge.

You also failed to report that every person in that room promptly stood and placed their hands over their hearts and proudly pledged allegiance to the flag.

The same attendees,who having listened attentively for well over an hour to members of the community, teachers, parents, students, and taxpayers commenting for two minutes each on the ambiguous agenda item and recent decisions made by the board that have negatively impacted students and schools in the SUHSD but received no responses from the board.

There is a REAL story here that you completely ignored - perhaps because you based this story on a small clip that was chosen by Mr. McCann. That is not journalism. Perhaps you can learn from this and try and get the whole story next time and not just what one person wants you to hear


Visduh Jan. 16, 2013 @ 8:14 p.m.

I feel sure that this incident has been brought to the attention of the SY school district superintendent and that he will take appropriate action with regard to Delgado. Oh, but wait, isn't that Manuel Paul, who is also under indictment himself? Oh, the guy who now says he will plead the 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination in an ongoing lawsuit. Well, heck, it's the same administrator, but he's not going to let this go unchallenged. Is he? IS HE? Yeah, that's what will happen.


Susan Luzzaro Jan. 16, 2013 @ 8:14 p.m.

justateacher, thank you for the % breakdown. It's sometimes too easy to rack it up to winners or losers.


outsider Jan. 19, 2013 @ 9:44 a.m.

Why does SUHSD feel the need to provide their students with special access to colleges (Compact for Success)? Do they feel that their students can not compete with the rest of the students in the nation? Isn't this an inherent form of prejudice? After reading all the comments, there is a clear division I see. One group (the majority) is commenting on the dubious actions of adults and then there is timtim who just wants to make petty insults and blame the teachers' union (tired argument) for what I do not know.
Unfortunately for the students of the district the powers at be are mired in a nepotistic almost colonial mentality. Get rid of them all, I say, including much of the administration at the school sites and in the district office. And in the future, hire people of quality; not based on who they know, who they help get elected, or with whom they have relations.


gobigal Jan. 24, 2013 @ 3:56 p.m.

No one is making students go to Grand Canyon. But by labeling it "Sweetwater University" the district is lending its name and credibility to an organization that proclaims openly that:

"A uniquely important element of the GCU mission statement is the defining attribute of its Christian heritage. The GCU community defines its culture by the way its members reflect a committed relationship with Christ and creates the GCU experience in a manner that reflects His teachings to support students and graduates through a successful life journey."

This is inappropriate for a public entity to support.

Add to this that CGU has been sued by the United States Government as recently as 2009 for misusing financial aid money.

Additionally many Sweetwater students are the first in their families to go to college. They trust our district to guide them to sound educational choices such as Ed Brand's baby the "Compact for Success" - selling them on a for-profit college with many programs that are not accredited is inappropriate.

You claim we teachers are greedy and don't care about the kids. I care deeply for the kids and this is not what is best for them. We all have an obligation and a right to express this to the district and community.


bvagency Jan. 24, 2013 @ 4:11 p.m.

Confuzled, i have 2 students in the district, with a third to follow. I have no desire to limit choices for my children. However, i do have a problem with a public school partnering with a for profit Christian school that may not have all its accreditations, and whose credits may not all transfer to other universities. On top of that, it costs more to take credits at this school. So why the partnership? Who is benefitting from this arrangement? It likely is not the students for the aforementioned reasons.

Also, when i read the board resolution of Nov 2011 directing district staff to "proceed with the establishment of Sweetwater U", i do not believe partnering with this school satisfies this resolution.

So the question is, who benefits from this arrangement, and where did this school come from? Why not local schools that are more affordable with full accredidation? And why the rush? Why no input from stakeholders like the public, teachers, parents and students to fully develop this Sweetwater U idea? What are the specifics of this partnership?

It appears this was a rushed decision without a thorough review or plan. Sound familiar? Ipads, pre K - 6 charter school, etc.

This type of decision in a vacuum just lends more support to those that believe Ed Brand is a corrupt, tyrant of a Supt who only thinks of what is best for him and not for students, parents, teachers or the community


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