Visduh March 16, 2013 @ 3:18 p.m.

This was a most entertaining piece and it held my interest. The surprise was the number of defenders of Nordy's. vjchan, who apparently no longer works for Nordstrom, states "Nordstrom is one of the best run retail stores." For a long time that was undoubtedly true, but it has been through some really tough times, with its stock down to about $5 a share in late 2008, after having been over $55 less than two years earlier. While ALL stocks were down at that time, I'd guess that JWN was teetering on bankruptcy at that time. So, I beg to differ about its management.

Thirty years ago, while I was teaching retail classes at a local college, students did reports on retailers. Those who worked at the then new arrival, Nordstrom in Fashion Valley, had high things to say about it, although I remember much of it being vague and platitudes. Others who didn't work there (but who wished they did, i.e. wannabees) also held it in high regard. I must confess that I haven't been into Nordy's in a mall in so many years I've lost count. My last big purchase there was a pair of gray wool slacks about fifteen years ago.

But over the years I heard the tales of the sweet young things who would buy a party dress at Nordy's, wear it once, and then bring it back a few days later claiming that they hadn't worn the dress at all, despite the reek of cigarette (and other kinds of) smoke, and some sweat, too. And the salespeople were often victimized by those customers--who weren't customers at all, just opportunists.

The truth of the matter is undoubtedly somewhere between the tale as told by Jessica and the claims of those such as johnbates who think that the company is a great retailer and a great place to work. I would wonder, however, if johnbates ever actually worked in a Nordstrom store.


jennaswade March 13, 2013 @ 3:03 p.m.

This story truly depicts exactly how the retail world is! Loved how real, fun and humorous this piece was! Great story! WE WANT MORE -Jenna


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