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Colonna Nov. 12, 2012 @ 6 p.m.

The mere few who remained to see Jimi on Monday morning at Woodstock numbered around 180,000 people - down from the 500,000 that came for the weekend.


Jane Belanger March 1, 2013 @ 10:40 a.m.

Ask and you shall receive! A cover story of Matthew Alice columns ran back in 2007:


Al Howard's Guilty pleasures

‘We decided to have this third record be self-titled, ’cause we feel like we really found our own sound,” says Alfred Howard of the Heavy Guilt, who will celebrate the release of their new full-length ...

Colonna May 23, 2013 @ 12:44 p.m.

Knowing his propensity to frequent movie houses of a distasteful nature, be grateful you knew where the goo came from!


Bob_Hudson July 27, 2013 @ 9:11 p.m.

Just one point: Valley Center is in "Valley Center." It is near Escondido, maybe even next to it, but not in it, which is why Valley Center has a road TO Escondido.

You have to wonder if they took Clapton to Valley Center by the back way so he wouldn't have to see East Valley Parkway and wonder "Where the hell are they taking me?"


Yankeedoodle July 27, 2013 @ 3:09 p.m.

I once saw JJ Cale in Austin, Texas. The band members came out in dim light, setting up the stage for him while everybody waited quietly. Kept waiting, wondering when he was going to appear. Then the music began...he was one of the guys setting up, sitting on the edge of the stage. Nice touch.


In San Diego clubs Thursday–Saturday, January 23–25

Thursday 23The Casbah crowd will be celebrating the club’s 25-year run as San Diego’s credible showcase of up-and-coming alternative bands and a must-play stage for many underground and international acts. The Birch North Park Theatre ...

In San Diego clubs Thursday–Saturday, February 6–8

Thursday 6Barcelona band Delorean pulls their stainless-steel dance-rock act into Casbah Thursday night. One of Spain’s most popular underground bands, the quartet “takes cues from their native Balearic beat, Madchester house, techno, and R&B, to ...

In San Diego clubs Thursday–Saturday, February 13–15

Thursday 13Former guitarist of the Gun Club, Cramps, Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds, and one-time president of the Ramones Fan Club, Cali native Kid Congo Powers and his Pink Monkey Birds swing into Casbah Thursday night. ...

What's new, pussycats?

...all the hip-hopping punk-n-roll you can handle

Thursday 8Trip-hop poet Yoni Wolf of Why? will play Ché Café with his protégé, Serengeti. Wolf had been on tour with his full band through April, but in May stripped down to “rap-only” dates, on ...

Beer ambassador

“It’s been a real odd position for me, as it blurs the lines from artist to marketing and advertisement guy,” says Falling Doves frontman Chris Leyva of his side-job as SoCal music-brand ambassador for Sapporo ...

Eva Knott Sept. 4, 2014 @ 5:15 a.m.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can quickly read a lot about Mitchy Slick by strolling through photos posted on his MySpace page. Here is just one.


In Standing Rock, the world is the bubble

Local singer/songwriter/videographer Scott Wilson posts a short film on the North Dakota pipeline standoff

“I just got back from the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protests [in Cannonball, North Dakota],” says singer/songwriter Scott Wilson. “I edited a short video on the issues surrounding why they’re protesting the construction of ...

monaghan Dec. 10, 2016 @ 6:29 p.m.

Great story and wonderful video. Recent events -- and wintry weather -- have overtaken this information. The Army Corps of Engineers has now officially stopped Energy Transfer Company's unpermitted project until there is a full environmental impact report on the plan to cross under the wide Missouri River with a pipeline at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. The Pipeline, which threatens the Missouri River drinking water for Sioux and other Native American tribes in the area, is slated to carry oil from the North Dakota Bakken oil fields to the Gulf of Mexico where it will then be shipped to other countries around the world. Earlier, a more northerly pipeline crossing of the Missouri near Bismarck, N.D., had been rejected as too risky for the water supply of that city's mainly Anglo residents.


metapunk Dec. 10, 2016 @ 10:21 p.m.

The Army Corps of Engineers has not stopped the Dakota Access Pipeline. Energy Transfer Partners has made a public statement that they are continuing work there and there is currently work being done at the drill pad north of the Standing Rock Reservation, which is within 320 feet of Army Corps of Engineers managed lands. There is no wording in the Army Corps of Engineers statement that says that the pipeline is being stopped. USACE has said that they are denying the easement at this time.

Here is the USACE statement in full:


And the Energy Transfer Partners response:


This week ETP went to court to attempt to get a judge to overrule the USACE decision and this will most likely not be decided in this court case until February.

The reports that the Army Corps of Engineers has stopped the pipeline started on December 4, 2016 in the media, and did not accurately reflect the actual statement of the USACE, included above.

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