exnordygirl March 15, 2013 @ 11:02 p.m.

Wow this article is incredibly lame!!!!! I worked for Nordstrom for 22 years. I started as a giftwrapper when I was 16 as a matter of fact and I could wrap a present at that age, it's a ribbon and a box for gods sake at least when I wrapped it was actually paper and bows. After being a giftwrapper I moved on to sales in Accessories and kept moving up in the company. I can't believe what whiner this girl is. How about taking some accountability for yourself. I guess I was tougher than her in my teens than she is at her age. Every work place has it's ups and downs and you have to make the best of it. But Nordstrom is no where near as bad as she makes it out to be. There will always be bad managers and great leaders that you work for. There are so many lies in this girls story. All I can say is Thank God that Nordstrom doesn't have to put up with this employees crappy attitude and now someone else will have to put with her crappy attitude. Goodluck to who ever hires this girl in the future and remember don't make her work too hard or she might just write a ground breaking expose about your company!


RR March 18, 2013 @ 7:45 p.m.

So far the comments have been far more entertaining than the article. The story is too long and sounds more like a woe is me excerpt from her diary. Clearly there's a pattern with Jessica's work ethics. Jessica you saught a job in retail during the holiday season, did you really think it was going to be different? I have worked for Nordstrom for over 16 years, I have held various positions throughout the company and I guess you can say "I drank the kool-aid". Judging by Jessica's numbers, she worked one holiday season and is now somehow qualified to write an article about a company that is well over 100 years old. When I started with Nordstrom at 20 I knew nothing, I assumed I would be a top seller and everyone would like me. It wasn't long before I realized that it wasn't about being liked, it was about being respected. Nordstrom has taught me humility, respect and compassion. They have shown me that perseverance is vital and you can always leave things better than you found them. Stereotyping return customers shows your lack of commitment. Having your mom wake you for work shows your lack of effort. Without commitment and effort it's near impossible to persevere.


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