emimayu Jan. 20, 2013 @ 9:33 a.m.

made an account just to respond.

yeah, okay, she was just trying to get an outsider's view on it. that's fine, but did she have to phrase it in a rude, condescending way? did she have to portray cosplayers in a negative light? no, she didn't. whether or not this article is from an outsider's perspective doesn't change the fact that she took a lot out of context, recorded people when they didn't know their conversations were being recorded didn't actually ask any real questions to even TRY to understand cosplay, and added a lot of details that frankly were unnecessary and had nothing to do with the article at hand(like how one girl wanted to get a different job.). the list of why this article was extremely unprofessional, poorly written, and frankly RUDE to cosplayers goes on and on. and maybe, just maybe, this topic isn't suited for this type of article, which still makes the point totally invaild. she wrote a bad article that showed the cosplay community in a bad light, and you can say that she was using an "outsider's POV" for this article but there are a MILLION people out there who've done the same thing and what we need isn't more people looking down on us and calling us freaks. we need someone, a good reporter who actually respects us, to write an article HELPING us, something that goes in-depth and shows us for who we really are-- good people who happen to have a hobby we can share with others. she's not helping or being original. i've read this exact article a million times and it's equally awful no matter how many times i read it. i'm not falling for your goddamned apologetics, dude. just admit it.

she wrote an article treating us like aliens and weirdos and freaks and then used the "oh but it's an OUTSIDER'S PERSPECTIVE!!!" as an excuse as to why she treated cosplayers like crap and took everything out of context, AND didn't even BOTHER to actually try to understand, or do ay research, or treat us like ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS. so no, it WASN'T just fine for starters. we've had a ridiculous amount of "starters". what we need is some to actually try and understand us for once.


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