anniej July 29, 2012 @ 2:21 p.m.

Joepublic: we must keep our eyes open and ears to the ground. IF THIS DISTRICT ATTEMPTS TO ''''REACT'''''' to Mr. Gauger's efforts in ANY we should be there speaking out against such an attempt.

in truth i believe Mr. Gauger is indicative of the majority of district employees - people who truly care about the students, ALL OF THE STUDENTS.


Jmbrickley July 31, 2012 @ 10:56 p.m.

Just the fact that John, Jim, and Ed are involved in finding people to run for Pearl's seat and the seat of Lopez shows just how unethical they are. I would suggest they keep an eye on their own seats and job and keep their noses out of stuff that shouldn't concern them. Finding candidates is for the public to do, not the old cronies who jusy want to continue with their mismanagement of the public trust.


anniej July 31, 2012 @ 8:06 p.m.

how is it that our district continues to snub integrity? too late to contact FPPC, but would imagine many of us will be on the phone tomorrow. wondering if anyone bothered to advise Mr. Grossman of any of this - but perhaps we speak too soon, surely Mr. Grossman is not wanting to get into an expensive court battle - perhaps Ms. Grossman will be taking a leave from her position which would alleviate the conflict.

still trying to wrap my mind around the allegations that brand, mccann, and cartmill are out there allegedly trying to talk people into running - i mean who does that? why would we want a cartmill, mccann, or brand clone??????????? leaves me wondering if they are afraid of new blood and the changes that new blood would bring. thinking out loud here, but wasn't just a few months back where the board was told, and agreed, that the makeup of the board needed to reflect the community???????????????? oh, but that is right i forgot, when the expensive consultant then turned to mccann and cartmill and advised them AND you would probably need to go they then decided to scrap that idea. and how much did that cost us????????????

lets fast forward 5 months into the future: board meetings where the public is allowed to speak, board meetings where there is conversation and a sharing of perspectives, board meetings where the financial integrity is not continuously questioned, board meetings where board member lopez is not fighting for the students or taxpayers alone. board meetings where a search for a new superintendent has begun, board meetings where mccann's little red camera or emotional outbursts are no longer 'just the way it is', board meetings where the president of the board does not need to be led by the hand and instructed exactly what to do and when to do it. consistent brown act violations a thing of the past. alleged retaliation against those who dare to speak out no longer part of the agenda YES, that is what we need, new blood -


anniej Sept. 26, 2012 @ 11:46 a.m.

dbdriver - you saved yourself much frustration. audio of board docs is a concern, it appears that 'controversial' comments are either being eliminated or all of a sudden the audio goes significantly fuzzy.

ah, too bad some of that gold could not be used on such things vs. filling brands pockets.

angry you ask?, no anniej does not get angry - anniej gets - - - -.

anniej and others are on a mission, that mission is to expose and excise all alleged corruption in the suhsd - the first step the board and superintendent - expose what is really going on - and we are off to a bang up start - stay tuned...........................................


anniej Nov. 5, 2012 @ 8:01 a.m.

VOTE - that is what is important.

we all come to these boards with our opinions. on the issue of sweetwater, it goes without saying, i am passionate. is this what or where i saw myself putting my energy - NO. but i continue to ask myself "what is the option? forgetting about it, pretend that the alleged corruption does not exist" - sorry, can't do that. for my skeptics i ask, "what is in it for anniej personally - the answer, the peace of mind that i have done 'something' to help secure an education for ALL youth of the south bay. my efforts, not enough, but they are sincere. the children of my community deserve far better than they are getting. the newest school to be built in an area that is referred to as affluent has just been placed on the 'program improvement' list. i am wondering how the parents of those students feel? how could this happen?

the leadership at the district board level has failed the students and failed the taxpayers. they are simply not focused on educating the students, correcting what is wrong, or working towards a new focus. instead, we have certain board members out and about shaking hands at political events, two others fighting felony indictments, and we have a superintendent whose only priority appears to be money and grandiose dreams of brand university. well, in order to get those kids into college we are going to need to provide them with an education in grades 7-12. the charter schools he initially fought when he returned in 2011 he now embraces - most likely he sees these charters as a way to line his pockets in some way.

the apathy of we the people is an embarrassment. many still not aware of the facts, and the facts can not be disputed. the program improvement list is growing, the student teacher ratio is growing, the deficit is growing (eventhough the district continues to borrow from peter to pay paul), the gap between the board vs. the unified team of the students, community and sweetwater employees is growing.

Visduh, you are correct sir - it seems that leeches in government are everywhere, we could all go along our merry way with an "its not my problem" frame of mind or we can do what each of us does. do what we can to bring about change.

so, for the good of the students lets all help to get out the vote - the time is now, let us not forget that each journey begins with the very first step.

oh, and in case there is any doubt i am going to be filling in the dot next to Bertha Lopez and George Cameron.

and what is anniej going to be doing come wednesday, no matter the results of this election i will be working towards getting out the facts - THE HARD DATA- accountability in writing - the history of the votes of john mccann and jim cartmill. as these two go, so will brand.


anniej Nov. 6, 2012 @ 7:59 a.m.

Jmbrickley: i thank you for being one of my daughters favorite mentors. your ability to connect with your students, and treat them as young adults vs. children - your direct candor and humor -your inspirational talks i.e. "YOU are the captain of your own ship" (paraphrase). what more could a parent ask of an educator?

regarding tim tim - let us not forget the teacher who blogged about tim tim the student - truth is some little boys never grow up, tim tim is a living example of that.


anniej Nov. 6, 2012 @ 10:11 a.m.

dbdriver: many words of wisdom in your post. The sentence i would like to speak on is your last one. "i want board members to have differenct opinions on topics, to discuss the issues and even agree to disagree".

db - FINALLY, someone understands the frustration of the south bay community. i have been to each and every meeting for the past 3 years - i can count on one hand, on maybe two (2) fingers the numbers of times there has been an actual discussion or sharing of ideas - instead, meeting after meeting we sit there - agenda item is brought forward, the vote is called - botta botta bang ( we, the taxpayers already know the vote) historically it has been a 4-1 vote - Bertha Lopez, the one lone vote. now in all fairness recently, like real recently, Quinones has been voting with Lopez (oh, what a difference an election can make). discussion you say? no such respect to the importance of the issues, if words are spoken they are either breast beating proclamations or boring back patting speeches. in fact, i can not remember a discussion on any item in which the board members as a whole brought forward their reasoning behind a vote.

sweetwater, is indeed, politics at its worst and dysfunction at its best, and that is why my fingers are crossed that Mr. George Cameron will be voted in. while i do not know the man personally i have done my research, thorough research i might add - from what i have discovered, he is a man of integrity, a man who can be trusted, he is intelligent, but most important HE IS ALL ABOUT THE EDUCATION OF OUR STUDENTS. no doubt he will bring a much needed voice for the students and the taxpayers to the issues - Lopez can not or should not have to do it along.

Thank Your for weighing in Sir, your posts are always thought provoking and an interesting read.


anniej Nov. 7, 2012 @ 8:15 a.m.

the people have spoken -

Lopez will be sitting up there at that long table for 4 more years fighting the good fight. she will attempt to do what is right by voting in line with what is best for the education of our youth and the pocket books of the taxpayers who each and every day leave for work to earn the dollars that are needed to survive in this economy.

it is indeed troubling that we find ourselves unable to trust the majority of the school board to serve in an ethical manner. it is indeed troubling that we find ourselves facing the fact that at a time when we are told our district is broke that they, the very same naysayers, just last month GAVE ed brand one of the richest contracts in the nation. a contract that eliminated the need for a physical and a contract that will last for 2 years - at that time brand will be 60 yet this very same contract gave him medical, dental, and vision coverage till the age of 66 when he will be eligible for medicare. and who will be paying those insurance premiums? the NO bodies, who are UNimportant to john mccann, jim cartmill, and arlie ricasa - we will be paying those premiuns - we, the folks who do not have contractors and vendors helping us win office. we, the masses, who in fact OWN THE SWEETWATER DISTRICT.

unfortunately my choice Mr. George Cameron came in a close second. oh, if only the vote would not have been split. Vogel, in fact, did little if anything in the race for the seat. Saenz-Gonzalez fought the good fight but in the end the numbers needed for Cameron to win were split. this was a hard fought campaign - much was at stake,

so now we are left with quinones, a candidate re elected even though she is facing SEVERAL FELONY indictments. tell me what does that say about this community? are we that uninformed, are we that uneducated, are we that disenfranchised that we would allow such a travesty to occur? so many questions,..............................

will quinones revert back to the one minute gal? allowing a mere one minute for public comment - will she revert back and join the brand camp along with john mccann, jim cartmill and arlie ricasa - the three who follow so close behind brand that if he stopped to sneeze they would trip over themselves? the three who sing his praises. we will soon see..............

let us not forget the trials are just around the corner. plea deals being made? hopefully the plea will include the inability to hold any future public office. based on the results of quinones election it appears many of us do not have the ability to use common sense no, we need government to make the right decisions for us - wow - a far troubling reflection of our community.

let us all take time to reflect on a new future - a future when each one of those will do what we can to improve this obviously broken community. we are, after all, the ones charged with leading the way for the future leaders of America.


anniej Nov. 9, 2012 @ 10:44 a.m.

well, we came, we listened - AND?

AND? we did not learn a darn thing. brand did what he does best, pontificated. attempted to draw comparisons to driving down roads and apartment buildings? think you are confused, you should have been there. and YES every single homeowner on the east side should have made an attempt to be there.

as one neighbor in the back row stated "why can't you answer our questions with facts, we came prepared, why aren't you?"

bertha lopez was there - she sat there for awhile listening and then joined those with questions/comments and stood up - basically agreed that we, the taxpayers, who own this district are not being given the answers we so rightfully deserve. she continues to fight for our students, fight for we taxpayers ALONE. one amongst 5.

john mccann, "little man who wants to be king" was seen AT THE END OF THE MEETING, hiding in the back - it was stated that he slid in towards the end. i find it interesting that he lives on the east side but neither he or jim cartmill (who also lives out there) were not interested enough or brave enough to show up and help explain their endorsement of brand or his decisions. let us not forget it was john mccann, jim cartmill, and indicted arlie ricasa who sat there in october and sang praises of all that brand has done for us - right before giving him one of the most absurd richest contracts in the nation.

bottom line folks - you have a hell of alot of money sitting in that mello account, and little if any is being used for your childrens schools.



Sweethellcat Nov. 29, 2012 @ 4:09 p.m.

A quick search for Grand Canyon University revealed the following disturbing, although completely expected, information:

  1. According to Rip Off Report, "In August 11, 2008, the U.S. Department of Education filed a qui tam action under the False Claims Act for GCU’s receiving millions of dollars from the U.S. DOE while paying incentives and bonuses to enrollment counselors for any warm body who applies to get a degree at GCU (such incentives and bonuses are illegal and out of compliance with federal mandates).

It was alleged in the federal civil complaint filed against GCU that GCU (1) “knowingly made false statements to get a false or fraudulent claim paid,” and (2) “knowingly submitted false records to get a false or fraudulent claim paid.”

GCU settled out for $5.2 million."

Further information can be found here: http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2010/08/18/20100818biz-grandcanyon0819.html?nclick_check=1

  1. 188 BBB complaints http://www.bbb.org/phoenix/Business-Reviews/schools-academic-colleges-and-universities/grand-canyon-university-in-phoenix-az-34001345/complaints/

  2. The accreditation agency, Higher Learning Commission, is under review by the US Dept. of Ed for accrediting shady online programs. http://chronicle.com/article/Inspector-Generals-Warning-to/63206/

  3. Individuals involved in student loan fraud tied to GCU http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20120221/PC1602/302219991

I found all of this in under 15 minutes.


anniej Nov. 28, 2012 @ 10:03 p.m.


the south bay is indebted to your news organization - with THE READER it is all about THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!


anniej Nov. 29, 2012 @ 9:15 p.m.

dbdriver: i am hearing these courses with grand canyon u are going to run about $200 - that is a far cry from $15. the grand canyon folks will attempt to have the students use student loans etc to finance these classes. the research i have done seems to indicate there is a significant drop out rate. i agree with you and others who have recommended partnering with such educational institutions as southwestern.


oskidoll Dec. 2, 2012 @ 11:48 a.m.

FYI, most community college districts have established 'co-enrollment' opportunities for students in local high schools, usually with 'waived' or reduced fees. This is a long-standing practice, and is part of the college responsibility to cooperate with local public schools. Some high school students take courses that will count toward their high school graduation, some take courses for college credit. Usually, there is a maximum number of units each high school student may take each semester (probably six, but it may vary) and it must be with the permission of the high school counselor. My own son took two courses for college credit at Southwestern when he was a senior in high school. It is a great way for high schools students to take college-level work and get a head start on accumulating units that will transfer to which ever college they will ultimately attend. It is also a smart thing for students to do to get a slight registration advantange at the community college in subsequent semesters. Sadly,now that most community college have had to cut classes and there is intense demand for some of the 'core' curriculum classes, it may be more difficult for high school students to take advantage of the opportunity. I do not know what the current co-enrollment practice is at Southwestern College.


anniej Jan. 11, 2013 @ 9:45 p.m.

Dbdriver: You Sir have just wrapped this matter up AND put a pretty bow on it. If I could have given you 10 thumbs up I would have.


anniej Jan. 12, 2013 @ 1:41 a.m.

Surf Puppy: would like to preface my comment with the fact that I have never belonged to a Union. Having said that, Sweetwater has set itself up as a real indicator as to WHY UNIONS ARE NEEDED. Not to say that Unions do not have their faults, they do, and I take exception with some things I.e. protection of bad educators. I have witnessed the tyrannical reign of "the gandara" and now Brand over employees of the SW district. It has been the teachers, bus drivers, librarians, nurses and others who have waved the cautionary flag that our students are not receiving adequate resources. All the while Brand, "the gandara" and members of the board have feasted off of our hard earned educational tax dollars. As a side note, I know how much a good teacher is worth - a hell of a lot more than they are getting. My issue is this, all of these bond measures, tax increases we are voting in, they are not being spent on education. By the looks of this article they are being spent on the wanna b's. They wanna be something but truth of the matter is they - -!


anniej Jan. 13, 2013 @ 9:22 p.m.

Stores: perhaps you are not aware and so I will attempt to define my position. If you had attended any board meetings in the past almost 4 years then you would know Sir/Ms that I have NEVER defended either Ricasa or Quinones. For verification ask Quinones yourself, as a matter of fact she refers to me with an adjective that rhymes with ditch and it AIN'T WITCH. Ricasa, I have no doubt she would not be RSVP ing any dinner party I would host.

Regarding Lopez, I do not defend Ms. Lopez, but what I do do is applaud her efforts and her votes on behalf of the students and taxpayers. I have supported her and did vote for her. Might I recommend that you either begin to attend the board meetings and observe the voting patterns for yourself - 4 - 1; with Lopez being the 1 or if unable to attend I recommend listening to the board meetings on line. Are you aware that she went to the DA about the same time that the "antagonists" did', you know the "antagonists" also went to the FBI? Do you know who the "antagonists" are?

It would help your credibility a bit if you educated yourself on what you speak, check my past posts for verification.


eastlaker Jan. 18, 2013 @ 11:34 a.m.

I was wondering when you would tiptoe by, timtim. Glad you could make it to the party.

Again, it must be tough on you to have so little support--no wonder you feel the need to denigrate those who really care about public education and the future of our community.

Your weak jabs might make you feel better, but trust me, anything you say is taken with maybe a grain of salt.

All your attacks on Bertha, the one member who repeatedly has spoken up for what is right--just demonstrate how afraid you are of the truth.

The truth is a great, great thing, bigger than any one of us, and the truth will be made known.


oskidoll Jan. 18, 2013 @ 2:29 p.m.

Again, I am wondering if this idiotic proposal of Brand's isn't meant to distract from other sleight-of-hand goings on? Brand is quite good at arousing heated discussion about this 'n that 'n other so-called initiatives (you name 'em). GCU is such an absurd proposal on its face that I can't really believe Brand thinks will get him anything but a smokescreen -- which may be exactly the point.

Then we have poor, deranged Timtim, who may on assignment to flame the distraction.

Let's make sure we follow the pea in the shell in the multiple shell games going on. Four-fifths of the board, as well as other major players, have been indicted on criminal charges, including extortion. THAT is the core message we need to focus on. The other stuff may be collateral damage.


anniej Jan. 19, 2013 @ 10:22 p.m.

Dbdriver: ah yes the infamous dirt! And let us not forget the outrageous amount of money we spent to have it hauled to ------, even though the district allegedly had, in their possession, an estimate for considerable less.


WTFEd Jan. 22, 2013 @ 10:14 p.m.

Where the hell is our beloved Union Tribune and yes the Voice of San Diego recently on this corrupt administration....this Sweetwater Administration is symbolic of why we need the Social Media and "alternative" media like the Reader to get the word out. If it was not for Susan Luzarro what would we do to keep this in the limelight? Wake up UT..pry yourself away from worring about how Obama will bring down Western Civilization and pay attention to your local community and educating students.


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