beninsand Feb. 24, 2016 @ 5:53 p.m.

I lived in Las Vegas for 10 years and I watched as the casinos paid for walkways over LV Blvd. and major streets. What a great idea. Keep the visitors away from the streets...less accidents. And then came the people mover that was put up behind the casinos on the east side of LV Blvd. Are we just looking around San Diego for an answer to our "track" problem? Stand up and don't settle for anything less than a 40ft. wide walkway over the tracks. And of course escalators (as LV did.) With this width you could make it look like a park above the tracks.

Now will a stadium be put downtown? I hope not. Can you see all the sports enthusiasts coming from N. county or LA try to find parking or for that matter find something to eat downtown? It will just not work. Even if we have everyone come to downtown only by public transport the streets will be jammed shut somewhere. Qualcomm Stadium is in the perfect place. It's where three freeways come together and we have public transportation. With the big ideas put forth by Spanos and others for a stadium elsewhere, it is ludacris. IF they want to stay in San Diego it's our way or they can put up bonds or pay for it with their own money. It seems like we are in the driver's seat at this point.


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