Zorro1 May 30, 2012 @ 11:40 a.m.

Nothing's changed. If you are a mob associate of any kind, you just figure you can buy your way into whatever you want from the city. It makes perfect sense that even his daughter, Beth Molasky, would contribute as well.

It's sickening that ANYONE who started their career with mob money is now building an FBI building. What is wrong with this picture? I know....San Diego is in the picture. That's so sad.

Wouldn't it be so good for San Diego to have their OWN talent building the new FBI building -- something to be proud of for all San Diegans.


monaghan May 30, 2012 @ 11 a.m.

You digress, Potter, in the interest of journalistic even-handedness, from mob-related money going to the campaign of Carl DeMaio (is that an Italian name?) and to kill off promised pensions for public workers, Prop B on the June ballot. It's a lot for an ordinary mortal to digest.

For me, the other takeaway from this shocking story is that both the hotelier-owner of the Union-Tribune AND the federal government are consorting with longtime mob-associated developer Irwin Molasky to build stuff -- most ironically, that new FBI headquarters in Sorrento Valley. Is this a new version of 'the American dream?"

I have figured out that I'm voting for Bob Filner for Mayor because he's honest, qualified and smart-not-slick. Also I've decided to vote No on Prop B because it is unfair to public employees whose lifetime retirement nest-eggs will become 401Ks subject to the whims (and management fees) of Wall Street.


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