Currentstudent Oct. 18, 2013 @ 11:05 a.m.

Visduh, CSPP (California School of Professional Psychology) is one of the most reputable schools in the field. Our faculty have included such icons as Jay Haley, Viginia Satir, and and Carl Whitaker. CSPP offers undergrad psych degrees, as well as masters in MFT, and Ph.D. and Psy.D as well. I choose to attend Alliant because of the history and track record. It is not just an education, it is a live changing experience. It is a professional practice university, which is more geared toward preparing students for the work force. I can tell you that I am far more knowledgeable and experienced than peers from other universities. The sky is the limit at Alliant. There have been several cases were students from Alliant present at APA conferences as undergrads. The faculty are also a major draw. Many of them are leaders in the field and possess an unmatched ability to draw out the best in every student. The classroom size is significantly smaller than competitors (15-25). I wanted to know who my professors were and them to know me. I am getting exactly what I researched and expected to get (prior to enrolling). It was also important to me that the school be accredited and a non-profit.
Perhaps my statement of being "no options" was a bit extreme. Allow me to clarify, I am not out of options, as I believe I can over-come any challenge put in my path, but this was not a challenge that I anticipated encountering from an organization that I've paid more than $80,000. I more expected to be offered a helping hand rather than struggle to remove the hand forcing my head under water. There is simply no good that can come of this. Thousands stand to lose something, while this group of investors will likely celebrate at St. Andrews golf course.


Don Bauder Oct. 18, 2013 @ 11:51 a.m.

Susan Luzzaro: You are the one who deserves the praise. After all, you tipped me to this story. I carried the ball because I had previously written so much on Bridgepoint and other for-profits, and had also done a column on Michael Clifford.

I did read that Plain Dealer piece on Chancellor as I prepared for this. It is a good piece, and raises questions that should concern Alliant students, graduates, and faculty members.

You can see, Susan, that an awful lot of people are counting on you to continue your excellent coverage of this mess. Best, Don Bauder


annonymouse Oct. 18, 2013 @ 1:52 p.m.

Someone needs to seriously look into Dr. Cox. The man makes well over 450K in salary and benefits and he can't keep an employee at Alliant to save his life. He makes more money that most presidents of a university and Alliant can't even make ends meet. Who justifies this salary? Alliant is in constant financial crisis and he kisses the butt of faculty so they don't throw him out like they've done to past presidents. When are they going to wake up!?! Morgan Sammons may be the only sane person in their administration but deans have no power over their faculty.

Staff layoffs, increased workloads to those who are left, no salary increases (but decreases) in the past 6 years. Staff who were laid off were offered jobs with lower salaries and more work. Faculty can't get their crap together and unite across campuses and programs to put a stop to this madness. Students think the administration is a joke. I can go on and on.

Look into his past; he wasn't successful at the last place he worked either. He is getting in bed with other rich men who are corrupt and milking the money any way they can get it without a care in the world about the institutions they get it from.

CSPP is the only school this benefit corp is interested in. The rest of the programs who aren't making any money better watch out.


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