anniej Oct. 22, 2013 @ 12:33 p.m.

Ed Brand is out of control and for some unknown reason board president Jim Cartmill, John McCann and Arlie Ricasa refuse to stop him.

It was stated last evening that our District is operating with 3% reserves and has been operating in a deficit for a few years. Yet after hearing this, John McCann (alleged conservative), Jim Cartmill and Arlie Ricasa voted to spend over 10 million dollars to purchase property in Eastlake for a new District office.

Millions were spent last evening yet only 53k is to be used IN THE CLASSROOM, FOR STUDENTS. What does that tell you?

You want further proof of how selfish Brand is, it was reported last evening that he has spent many thousands of dollars on a Hall of Champions at L street. Where on L? Well, you follow L down and just after you pass Broadway look for the ugly, dilapidated building on the left - be careful when you pull into the parking lot, some of those pot holes are big enough to swallow your car. Oh, but here is the best part, Ed Brand had the nerve to name it after himself. Now, here is the 64 thousand dollar question, where on Board Docs can one find the agenda item procuring the money to be spent, where can one find the agenda item naming it after Brand. Do not bother looking, it is NOT THERE. Ed Brand spent our money WITHOUT BOARD approval. As I sat there watching the faces of the board members it was clear, they, like Schultz, 'knew nothing'. Now tell me how many of you are going to travel to L street to view this Hall? Well, if any, you had better hurry as the property will either be foreclosed on, sold, or torn down SOON! Yes Brand spent the money in the past 6 months and now we can just kiss it good-bye!!!!!!!!



anniej Oct. 22, 2013 @ 12:42 p.m.

timtim speaks of the wallets of the teachers, and what of ours, the taxpayers. Where was his concern when he voted to spend 10 million on a building in Eastlake that we can not afford? Where was his financial concern when he failed to demand why Brand spent the money on a Hall of Champions and why Brand spent our money naming it after himself? Finally why did he not question Brand as to how Brand was able to hire a PI firm when the board has yet to approve the expense.

Why did John McCann fail to ask any questions regarding this small reserves and the district operating in a deficit for years - but then I am assuming McCann knows how to read a budget. Silly me, he is too busy out promoting his bid for next years election. He has thrown his responsibility as a board member to the wolf, Ed Brand - McCann has failed the students, and failed the taxpayers.

Share the news with all you see John McCann, Jim Cartmill and Arlie Ricasa are spending this district into insolvency.


anniej Oct. 22, 2013 @ 12:59 p.m.

Those who were attended could not be described as a mob. The meeting started at 6. It was announced that at 9 the board would again go into closed session. Since the meetings are ended at 10, that left about three hours - HOWEVER! There were two presentations, the first took 1 hour. With 2 hours left and another presentation still to come it was clearly evident Brand had no intention on listening to the concerns of the taxpayers, teachers or other employees.

Yes, when blocked they did take gain entry, and yes we were boisterous, but mob - no never!

Community, students, teachers/employees SEE YOU NEXT MONTH RIGHT?


anniej Jan. 8, 2014 @ 5:42 p.m.

I question Judge Espana's weak sentence and the 'bargaining' down to misdemeanor the felonies. By her own admission his transgressions 'lasted a number of years' yet he is serving mere hours of trash pick up.

What message has this Judge sent to the students of Southwestern and to the community at large?

One can only imagine the difference IF the LARGEST CORRUPTION CASE IN SAN DIEGO HISTORY would have been heard downtown.

I would like to publicly THANK Bonnie Dumanis, Leon Schorr, Vincent Giaime and all other staff members who attempted to bring justice to the taxpayers of the South Bay. THEY and the FBI saw the 'alleged' corruption as a cancerous affliction - unlike Judge Espanaa who appears to have seen the case as a mere nuisance vs. a major crime.

Of course he has been volunteering since his indictment, what do you think he paid all that money to his lawyer for - case preparation. 'Now John, we want to make you out to be a choir boy, volunteer, I don't care where, it will look good to the judge' - by golly he hit that nail on the head!!!!!

When you do the crime you had better be prepared to do the time - that is unless you appear before this Judge!


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