joepublic Nov. 3, 2012 @ 4:25 p.m.

So, Mr. Grossman thinks that parents demanding equality between genders are "wackos". Hasn't he heard of Title IX? Sweetwater has already been found in violation of gender discrimination regarding sports, and his attitude is exactly what the district doesn't need. Aside from the disturbing quotes in his book, cvres and Visduh are right, if he's Brand's choice, then that says enough...DON'T VOTE FOR HIM!


erupting Nov. 3, 2012 @ 10:11 a.m.

Anyone who wants to know what Grossman stands for only needs to read the rear flap on his book. Take a look,it's offensive. It appears gays,women and the n word as he says are the problem with this world. His favorite word is moron. He needs to look in the mirror and see a real moron. His type of prejudice is not the norm, thank God. His opinions on Affirmative Action is repulsive. Hopefully this is past tense in his life, and he has grown up. But I will not be voting for him.


Visduh Nov. 4, 2012 @ 11:38 a.m.

I may be mistaken, but this is the first time you have posted. And when you post, you then impugn the Reader and its frequent comment posters. If you have such a low opinion of the medium and some of us who make comments, why do you follow the website? As to the five "losers", I can name anniej, erupting, eastlaker, and joepublic. That's only four, so I guess I'm the fifth "loser." As can be determined from my avatar name, I don't live in south county, and really have no dog in this fight. Moreover, we have plenty of nonsense in local boards here in No County. But this fiasco in the Sweetwater district is far worse than anything I've ever seen or heard of in any California school district, and it screams for action. But there will be no reform until and unless the voters get really good candidates. The fact that the supe who was hired by the old board endorses or favors a candidate makes that candidate immediately suspect.

So, timtim, who are you? A sock puppet for the fat man? A sock puppet for Grossman?


anniej Nov. 3, 2012 @ 6:42 p.m.

timtim: and you quote laprensa? the same news organization that endorsed pearl quinones? i guess tim tim you would have us vote for quinones - sorry i value the education of the south bay youth far too much. perhaps you did not read the words that quinones typed with her very own little fingers. no doubt you would have us ignore all of those campaign contributions that john mccann and jim cartmill received as well. and what say you about that contract that ed brand was given? you know the 2 yr contract (brand will be 60 in 2 years) that will give brand full medical, vision, rx, and dental til the age of 66 - right up to the month that he is eligible for medicare. guess you see nothing wrong with that gift that mccann, cartmill and soon to be tried arlie ricasa gave to a superintendent who has done NOTHING to improve ANYTHING that is sweetwater

it is what it is - those were grossman's words in his interview(s) and he took pride in saying them


Jmbrickley Nov. 3, 2012 @ 10:15 p.m.

let me think... (that could be dangerous)

The TRO came to nothing

the 20,000 was money borrowed from Mission Fed Credit Union for a car loan

at the time, the 55 million was unaccounted for by the CFO of Sweetwater and Lopez was stating she would find it and by "taking care of it" meant she would get to the bottom of the matter

the "singing in the rain" was a reference back to getting the car loan

her home was raided, but nothing of substance was found

as to the classified forum, he was rude and evasive. He did not blow her away. the UT rarely endorses a Dem, and Laprensa just spouts all the old stuff that never happened over and over.


anniej Nov. 3, 2012 @ 11:17 p.m.

timtim: my opinion, brand is telling you what to say tim time. simply will not let the old her home was raiding thing alone. was she indicted? that would be a NO. laprensa endorsed quinones - that about sums up any endorsement it would give. oh but that is right pearl often refers to you as her friend.

management forum, funny, i heard she did quite well. grossman failed to show up at two important community forums, why would that be?

the quote singing in the rain, i believe she answered that question - brand had just held one of his seminars to get all of the board members to love each other - her comment, sarcasm.

you saw him at the classified endorsement? hmmmm, you just let the cat out of the bag, now i understand the handle 'tim tim' - you mean the forum where grossman showed up dressed in cut off fatigue shorts - where he answered "I don't know" more than a few times. the one where he disrespected the principal of otay ranch? where he made the now infamous quote about he and brand only going to lunch about 5-6 times.

perhaps you should google the man, see for yourself what fellow players, coaches and others say about the man.


anniej Nov. 3, 2012 @ 11:27 p.m.

timtim: oh we have lots to fill the void, it is called cleaning up the district. ridding it of those who use their offices for personal or political gain. the courts will take care of ricasa. we will work to unseat mccann and cartmill with candidates the community will respect - candidates who will work towards getting our schools off of the program improvement list vs adding schools to it - i.e. olympiian, JUST ADDED to the program improvement list, really? and finally hoping to see brand sitting in his truck with his gps set for up north - we will wave bye bye while "siri" takes him home FOR GOOD THIS TIME.


joepublic Nov. 4, 2012 @ 10:16 a.m.

You sound a lot like Burt Grossman with your name calling. You use words like "losers" instead of "wackos" when referring to people who are trying to make their school district better. Different words - same mentality. I did read the piece in LaPrensa. While they did take Bertha Lopez to task, you forgot to mention this part:

["Bertha needs to go, but we are not sure Grossman is the right man for the position. We have talked with Grossman and he is extremely likable, it just seems that he did not put enough thought into what it is to campaign or even why he ran."] LaPrensa Oct. 12,2012


anniej Nov. 4, 2012 @ 8:18 p.m.

timtim: you have your players mixed up. now tim tim you know darn well it is brand who likes to play with asb monies. i mean it was his brainiac idea that the asb's (YOU KNOW THE STUDENTS) have to pay the district 5% of all earnings. it was brand who brought in mike ellis, author of "the rape of cinderella" AND A CONVICTED FELON - convicted of manufacturing meth. and what about that pepsi cola contract? what about the monies, never mind you will find out soon enough.


Visduh Nov. 4, 2012 @ 8:06 p.m.

Note that without a ghostwriter and an editor his writing looks like something a sixth-grader might produce. The correct response to this piece would have been a reasoned reply. Ahh, but what we got was a half-baked, poorly reasoned, grammatically immature series of rants. But, of course, you and I, SurfPup, are just part of a bunch of losers who need a life. (Betcha my life is far more varied and challenging than his.)


anniej Nov. 4, 2012 @ 8:12 p.m.

timtim: ESPN - you speak with forked tongue on that one. fillapino times - they endorsed arlie. La Prensa - they are endorsing pearl. Republican Party - now we realize that allegedly john mccann and jim cartmill are backing him (backing a person who has issues with gays, lesbians, women in general, and wives) - but none of the respected Republicans i know. all of the workers in the district? - now on this one you are telling a bald face lie.

tim tim, you still have not answered WHY Grossman failed to show up to the community forums? appears he only received the endorsement of one aspect of one of the unions.

this is a forum for factual debate, please do not grasp for straws by attempting to color the truth - remember that is what the community is currently fighting - lack of integrity and corruption.

regarding the persons you name - i seem to recall that their names were mentioned by the District Attorney in the DA's case for justification of the search warrants. i understand the FBI thought them credible as well - funny, i failed to see your name as a concerned person who stepped forward calling for an investigation. two of those persons were nominated for teacher of the year SEVERAL TIMES, what is your claim to fame?


anniej Nov. 4, 2012 @ 8:25 p.m.

timtim - 'little man who wants to be king' - COULD IT BE???????????????????


anniej Nov. 5, 2012 @ 8:01 a.m.

VOTE - that is what is important.

we all come to these boards with our opinions. on the issue of sweetwater, it goes without saying, i am passionate. is this what or where i saw myself putting my energy - NO. but i continue to ask myself "what is the option? forgetting about it, pretend that the alleged corruption does not exist" - sorry, can't do that. for my skeptics i ask, "what is in it for anniej personally - the answer, the peace of mind that i have done 'something' to help secure an education for ALL youth of the south bay. my efforts, not enough, but they are sincere. the children of my community deserve far better than they are getting. the newest school to be built in an area that is referred to as affluent has just been placed on the 'program improvement' list. i am wondering how the parents of those students feel? how could this happen?

the leadership at the district board level has failed the students and failed the taxpayers. they are simply not focused on educating the students, correcting what is wrong, or working towards a new focus. instead, we have certain board members out and about shaking hands at political events, two others fighting felony indictments, and we have a superintendent whose only priority appears to be money and grandiose dreams of brand university. well, in order to get those kids into college we are going to need to provide them with an education in grades 7-12. the charter schools he initially fought when he returned in 2011 he now embraces - most likely he sees these charters as a way to line his pockets in some way.

the apathy of we the people is an embarrassment. many still not aware of the facts, and the facts can not be disputed. the program improvement list is growing, the student teacher ratio is growing, the deficit is growing (eventhough the district continues to borrow from peter to pay paul), the gap between the board vs. the unified team of the students, community and sweetwater employees is growing.

Visduh, you are correct sir - it seems that leeches in government are everywhere, we could all go along our merry way with an "its not my problem" frame of mind or we can do what each of us does. do what we can to bring about change.

so, for the good of the students lets all help to get out the vote - the time is now, let us not forget that each journey begins with the very first step.

oh, and in case there is any doubt i am going to be filling in the dot next to Bertha Lopez and George Cameron.

and what is anniej going to be doing come wednesday, no matter the results of this election i will be working towards getting out the facts - THE HARD DATA- accountability in writing - the history of the votes of john mccann and jim cartmill. as these two go, so will brand.


anniej Nov. 5, 2012 @ 12:20 p.m.

timtim: Susan Davis you said, hmmmm funny Ms. Davis's camp seems to have no knowledge of endorsing Mr. Grossman. perhaps you might want to put up that link. now Ms. Davis did write a letter congratulating Mr. Grossman for his nfl teacher of the year award - but endorsing him as school board member - tim tim - it appears you need a time out for fibbing.

i am still waiting for the listing of john mccann and jim cartmills campaign contributions for the last election from you -----------------

still waiting on your opinion regarding john mccann and jim cartmills vote for the lavish new contract they just gave brand. tim tim, thought we were broke? why are we giving money to a superintendent yet keeping money for the classroom away from the students.

tim, you and 'little man who wants to be king' share many things in common but number one is your fear of the integrity of Bertha Lopez. GO LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, your time out is up - you can come out of the corner now.


eastlaker Nov. 5, 2012 @ 9:35 a.m.

Well said. But if "the apathy of we the people is an embarrassment", then Superintendent Ed Brand and his majority board of supervisiors is a far greater embarrassment.

We can do something about both.

Since when do people like Brand, McCann, Cartmill, et al, feel that they can operate outside the will of the people and for their own personal monetary gain?

Let us send a message that we want honesty and good public service in this school district and this community.

Thanks anniej, thanks Susan, thanks to all who tirelessly seek to educate and inform "we the people".

Here's to bettering education in Sweetwater!


anniej Nov. 5, 2012 @ 6:02 p.m.

eastlaker: oh what a book this district would make - i am thinking bigger MADE FOR MOVIE, ha ha

unfortunately all of what you say is sad but so true.


anniej Nov. 3, 2012 @ 11:33 p.m.

Sjtorres: yes, it is hard to believe isn't it. thank goodness Mr. Cameron entered the race. HE is a man whose integrity will not/can not be challenged - unlike the current board member he is working to replace, but a few more sitting up there.

wow, what a night that will be when he is sworn in. 1 down, 3 more to go - then to make it a full sweep we will look to hire a superintendent who will focus on the youth, a superintendent who is not preoccupied with brand university. what a joke, brand university, now if they were talking about embarrassing situations i could see them naming that "brand messes", but a university - you have to be kidding me.


eastlaker Nov. 5, 2012 @ 7:27 p.m.

When I read the words of timtim, what comes to mind is this, from Dante:

"Let us not speak of them; but look, and pass on."


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