Javajoe25 June 19, 2013 @ 11:58 p.m.

It's amazing how people can live a good portion of their lives together and never really know who they each are or what they are about. Kudos to you for pointing it out, Ms. Mitchell.

But what I want to really thank you for is for pointing out what a bunch of bs the military scene is. I was in too and I could not believe what a waste of time, space, and man (or woman) hours the whole thing was. I mean, yea, rah-rah for the brave soldiers who get to be soldiers, but the vast majority of the 'cruits' and lifers I met was the biggest bunch of screw-offs I had ever encountered. And you are absolutely right about the benefits - the best there is -- free, total health care for you and everyone in your family - exactly what people in this country have been trying to get for years but are told it's not possible; unaffordable, and not practical. Military also gets extra monetary allowances for everything and anything you might have to...God forbid --pay for! And discounts and freebies everywhere you go.

It is my opinion that the primary reason young working class women in this country are going into the military like never before is because it is the best paying job they will ever have...and they know it. What other job gives you 30 days vacation after one year? Or, is it six months? As you noted, you get raises for moving up, staying still, or turning left or right correctly. It is the biggest and best give away program in the world. Granted, there is the chance you could get sent overseas and get maimed or killed in a war that no one can explain anymore. As disgraceful as that is, the ladies are willing to take their chances to ride on this benefits-loaded bandwagon. Thank you very much for telling it like it is...and then some.

Oh, and as for those rosary beads? I think your old man did it just to piss off your mom. Just like my ex-wife went Re-born just to piss me off.