Rukiddingme559 Dec. 17, 2012 @ 11:36 p.m.

 For a moment try not to judge yet I beg of you. There is so much more to this story than you know. First Spencer was kidnapped when this alleged rape took place and beaten violently for more than 24 hours. The victim describes the rapist as a tall dark complected muscular man, does Spencer look dark tall or muscular? There were items that were not allowed into evidence during discovery that would have shown a whole diffrent picture, such as..... More than one person's DNA, why can't that be shown. Or that during this alleged attack there were three people in the house a room away with doors open, while the victim stated she screamed and yelled and no one came to help. That Spencer was allowed to simply walk out the house and no one stopped him, why not?  After his abduction he was delivered to the authorties by the kidnappers, the officer place Spencer in the back of the patrol car laughing outside with criminals. Spencer was arrested and charged, bailed out almost a year later followed every rule that was in place.

 And as for the rape of a minor, not one media outlet tells how this person represented themselves as 19 years old, with hard copy proof showing Spencer being honest about the allegations againts him, asking over and over how old she was and time and time again answered 19 years old. Or that his parents met with this women and were given proof that she was 19, mother begging her not to lie because this was serious. Why won't the police or media tell that part.

Or that the day prior to his dissaperance this past week, a death threat left on the fence. Who did this?

There is more to this case than anyone is aware of including myself. All I know that a family who gives from the heart is being dipicted as monsters, evil people, and its not true. I was indroduced to this family about a year and a half ago, a transplant from San Diego. I meet a family who truted the truth would be told, let down.

I never asked the details of the aligations, the things I have mentioned can be speculated, hell I may be interrogated for speaking out, but why? All I want is someone, a true reporter, someone anyone with heart, to seek the truth. Find out everything before you bury someone in a grave full of bitter and twisted lies.

My simple education wasn't much but I do know that unless you can reverse time, its kinda impossible to be crossing the border on minute than make your way back to the valley to only come up missing.

 There is politics involved, I'm pretty sure of that. Maybe Spencers case was a trophy case one that draws attention to the judge or prosecution, one that uses his father's status to take revenge on the father. Who knows?

All I am asking, begging really is for one investigative reporter to have enough courage to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Seek the truth, and demand it now.

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