PJLindsey Aug. 22, 2013 @ 3:42 p.m.

And when you drive past the Kumeyaay Windfarn on I-8 across from the Golden Acorn Casino, you can see blades and hubs littering the ground around the turbine bases. (the results of damage from a Dec 2009 windstorm.) So much for being "green". FYI, the Kumeyaay Windfram is rated at 50MW, but over the past year (July 2012 - June 2013), it has averaged only 16.3MW output, per FERC data.


Aboggs Aug. 25, 2013 @ 8:06 a.m.

Nocebo effect, really? So I suppose the thousands of VICTIMS around the globe are just so distraught over these massive noisy, flickering, property decimating, bird killing giants that their symptoms are "all in their head"??!! Wow. The bottom line is this, they do not produce enough energy to amount to squat! How's that for legal jargon?! I live in the proposed Buckeye Wind Farm in Ohio. I tried my best to keep an open mind; however, as a nonparticipating landowner, I literally could not find one benefit. Our country is going bankrupt, in fact already is. Are we really going to continue this corporate welfare? Yes, other forms of energy are subsized, but they actually work. There will always be having to hear the voices of those opposed and supporting, that is the beauty of our country, but compassion is a moral choice. People are suffering. They are abandoning their homes. Families don't do this without a darn good reason. I personally love my home. This is where i brought my little Summer and Khloe home from the hospital. We have custom everythig in our home. Not to mention nearly own it. I hope like heck I'm wrong about all the problems I suspect to occur when the wind farms in my area become operational, otherwise I too will abandon my home. God bless you folks that are living in this nightmare created by greed. Keep doing the good work. Eventually it will prevail.


Aboggs Aug. 25, 2013 @ 5:41 p.m.

And total energy for the U.S. is 6%.... Like I said, they produce next to nothing. Unless of course if you are reading statistics off of AWEA's website. Regardless, if industrial wind complexes are supposed to save the environment, then more R&D must be done to find a way to store the excess power, otherwise they are backed up by convential power. Which of course means the very source of energy (dirty coal) that the "greenies" are claiming to fight against is being used to spin the blades when the wind isn't blowing. I can't speak for California, but Ohio ranks 37th in being compatable for wind "farm" development. Over 1,000 families will live in the shadow of the Buckeye Wind "Farm" in Ohio. That's a large number of people compared to many areas that host these projects. We have been fighting this since 2006. Like I said before, the beauty of the U.S. is that you can have your opinion and I can have mine. We will throw statistics around until dooms day because we will both get our information from what we feel are reliable sources. I can respect that. But I wish the reasoning behind these huge projects was to really save the planet. I just don't feel that's the case. There are over 100 of these 500 ft IWT's proposed for my area and only 5% of the leaseholders will have to live next to them.


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