Nickdanny March 5, 2013 @ 7:38 p.m.

Thanks Eugene. Did not get a full copy. Look forward to the review. It is interesting that the abstract does not reflect accurately the content of the dissertation. Having read a number of abstracts it is unusual to have such a determined statement that fails to address the heart of a paper. What is also interesting is how the current practice of her leadership lends itself to the Machiavellian interpretation. A lack of transparency and shared governance, as sighted by campus constituents, leads right to the darkest analysis of her work.

I read statements coming out of the campus today, and it all seemed Like PR blah, blah, blah. The District negotiators were clear-- take a pay cut or there will be layoffs. After last night's decision, it seemed that the District was saying that they were working for no pink slips all along. None of Nish 's budget statements say that at all. 5 percent cuts or pink slips. That was it. She backed herself and the employees against the wall. A bad strategy. Peraza's "spin and grin" statement today acted like " what's all the fuss, we were going to do this all along," and yet he was telling lots of people weeks in advance that it was a question of principle for him to support pink slips. Just odd. I guess it is like that old saying " if you are being run out of town, march boldly in front of the crowd like you are leading a parade."

Shared governance and transparency, the Ed Master Plan and Prop R/Facilities Plan spending issues did not go away last night. Wonder what will happen here?


Southwestern College Foundation's Nathan Fletcher connection

Lorena Gonzalez, Humberto Peraza, and Machiavelli?

The Southwestern College Foundation held its annual gala on September 21. The cost for a seat ran from $200 to $15,000. The keynote speaker for the event was Nathan Fletcher, candidate for mayor of San ...

SameOldSWC Sept. 23, 2013 @ 7:59 p.m.

The only thing Peraza cares about is his own political future. He'll make back room deals with whomever he believes will advance his cause. To think he cares about quality education or the students, staff, faculty and community served by SWC is pure folly!

He sold out his former boss, ex-Mayor Filner, when it was politically expedient for BUMberto, so I'm not surprised whatsoever to know he's in cahoots will Fletcher and Gonzalez.

Fortunately, BUMberto's not very bright and will get caught sooner or later and trip over his own botched selfish shenanigans.

There are others among the SWC Foundation who don't necessarily smell like roses either. Keep digging, Ms. Luzzaro. There's a gold mine under the dirt!

By the way, I could be wrong, but I think you meant Cynthia ReYna, not Cynthia Rena, in your list of committee members. Follow her trail and connections to the USE Credit Union.


joepublic Sept. 23, 2013 @ 3:40 p.m.

You would think after all the controversy, indictments, and pending court cases, that the new leaders (who promised openness and transparency) would have done much better than this.  The excuse that Fletcher wasn't a candidate at the time he was chosen to speak at the gala, seems weak. Wasn't the appearance of impropriety discussed after they realized Fletcher was a mayoral candidate?  That this might be an issue must have dawned on them, or maybe Mr. Peraza was too busy with his new job as Lorena Gonzalez's chief of staff? It's not like Nathan Fletcher is the only decorated veteran in town. This all seems a little fishy.


VigilantinCV Sept. 23, 2013 @ 9:44 p.m.

It seems to me that Lorena Gonzalez and Humberto Peraza are birds of a feather. She waged an ugly campaign against Steve Castaneda, and was endorsed by the Labor Council, Bob Filner, and Republican Supervisor Greg Cox. She quickly joined the bandwagon to force Bob Filner to resign, and then threw the Labor Council under the bus by endorsing Republican/Independent/Democrat Nathan Fletcher. She and her aide, Humberto Peraza, are now busy promoting their own political agenda. The SWC gala was not their first effort, and we can be pretty certain it won't be their last. They are both opportunists. Using the Southwestern Foundation this way is shameful!


Ensenadamaria Sept. 24, 2013 @ 7:46 a.m.

The South Bay has become a haven for corruption and those that live here have little interest in correcting that which is eating away what once was great. As Nickdanny has stated much is owed to all veterans - our communities are filled with active and veteran service men and women. Veteran seems to be the buzz word in South County politics. Say you are a veteran and it automatically guarantees a certain block of voters. An example of such would be McCann from the Sweetwater District, who used his military service as a promise to restore credibility, the result unfortunately the exact opposite, corruption and dysfunction are more alive than ever on that school board. Corruption beheaded by the pending trials, unfortunately not. I am looking for a veteran candidate who bases his decisions and actions on that oath he took.


cvres Sept. 24, 2013 @ 8:47 a.m.

maria, South County has too many retread politicians, retread superintendents, wannabe politicians, politicians who are using their positions to get another position, superintendents who come in with their little cabal of cronies and so on...

We are being disenfranchised by the lack of good people to vote for.


Nickdanny Sept. 23, 2013 @ 9:58 p.m.

Strong stuff SameOldSWC. I heard recently from employees out at the college that Peraza was put on the Board back in August 2011 by then Labor Council leaders, Gonzalez and her right hand guy named Evan McLauglin (I looked him up and found out that he is now Gonzalez's Head of Office in Sacramento but he is on leave right now so he can work with this guy fletcher, as a manager in his campaign office in San Diego--that is just strange and if it is true the political incest in this whole mess runs knee deep). Evidently back in August 2011, these two Council (Gonzalez and McLaughlin) bosses contacted teachers in the union at the college, and told them that they wanted this Peraza guy to be on the Governing Board ( a Board member had to step down due to illness and they needed to fill the vacancy). And that is how Peraza got on the Board in the first place. People describe him as pretty immature and sort of adolescent in his leadership style---everybody's wrong and he is right--sort of childishness. I think I will talk to some community members and start attending these college Board meetings. Time to start watching these manipulators.


VigilantinCV Sept. 24, 2013 @ 10:28 a.m.

In 2008, Humberto Peraza resigned as Bob Filner's aide to run for Chula Vista City Council. With Filner's endoresement, and the backing of Labor, he exuded great confidence that he would be handily elected. But it seemed no one could recall anything he ever did in the community. He came in last in a field of four and when Nick Aguilar had to resign from the SWC Board of Trustees for health reasons, Humberto cunningly manipulated his appointment to fill Nick's seat. He, of all people, should have thought of Nick Aguilar as the perfect veteran to address the SWC Foundation.


No tough justice for former Southwestern College official

John Wilson’s 16 counts reduced to a single misdemeanor

South Bay judge Ana España and district attorney Bonnie Dumanis do not appear to be on the same page. In a widely viewed January 2012 news report, Dumanis declared that “the widespread corruption uncovered in ...

Visduh Jan. 9, 2014 @ 8:49 p.m.

Reading all the foregoing comments tells me that the people who take time to make such comments are bewildered. They thought the crooks would get their comeuppance in court, and now they see that will not happen. It is hard to tell who is "wobblier" than the other in these cases. The DA bargains multiple felonies and a handful of misdemeanors down to a single count--in this case it was a felony--and the judge further reduces that to a misdemeanor and hands out a non-sentence.

If you had any hopes left that some people would see jail time and/or a stiff fine, they are gone, gone with the wind. None of them will do a single day in jail. Most may be allowed to keep jobs and their seats on the boards.

oskidoll wants to blame this on too much work for a lazy judge. Nope, it is far worse than that. That judge is part of the culture of corruption that has allowed this attitude to take root in So County, and she can no more get tough than she can fly. And all that after taking many months to review the cases. But don't blame it all on her. The plea bargains that she signs off are brought by the DA. They have both gone mushy on the cases, and all the tough talk by Bahnee D was just that: talk. No walk.

The true value of these indictments and pleas would have been to send out the word all round the state that crooked board members, supes, and other educrats could expect to really suffer for their crimes. The message now is that if you get caught, nothing much will happen. And a legion of crooks in the state who were wavering about what they could grab now know that they can take the risk. Lots to gain, little to lose.

I hate to say I told you so, but I did say months ago that the resolution of this has to come at the ballot box. Sounds simple, but this is the school district that reelected two board members who were already indicted, and both continue to serve on the board. In just about any district that I know about, both would have resigned immediately upon the indictment. But, hey, that's in the universe we live in. They live in a parallel place where everything is backward.


Judge España goes easy on Southwestern College VP

Nicholas Alioto's felony reduced to misdemeanor

South Bay residents expressed disenchantment with decisions being handed out in judge Ana España’s South Bay courtroom on January 30; then, España reduced former Southwestern College vice-president of business affairs Nicholas Alioto’s felony to a ...

anniej Jan. 31, 2014 @ 6:08 p.m.

I would like to acknowledge Ms. Carla Kirkwoods efforts. She championed the good fight on behalf of Southwestern s students and taxpayers solely. The 'antagonists' worked as a group and had each other. Words can not express my respect for Ms. Kirkwoods!!!!!!!

Guess this story proves one woman can make a difference!!!!!!!!!


oskidoll Jan. 31, 2014 @ 5:38 p.m.

Such a disappointment, again. It seems Judge Espana would rather cut these felons very large breaks rather than actually hold a trial. One wonders if she is afraid of managing a trial? So, according to the judge, the wheeling and dealing was going on already, and Alioto just 'got swept into it' ? One asks, then, who was wielding the broom? She has already let John Wilson, the Sr. Facilities Manger off the hook. Recall that Wilson had been at the college for 30 years. Surely he should have known better after all those years! How about the college prez, Raj Chopra? ....oh,but he is also off the hook thanks to her honor's ruling in his that leaves board member Salcido, who surely should have known better and as the board is ultimately responsible, right? Oh no, the judge has already cut Salcido a very big break too. Seems no one is left with a broom, so one must conclude, according to the judge's logic, that corruption just happens in a vacuum and no one is to be held accountable. Kudos to Dr. Kirkwood and others who came forward to protest these extra-lenient rulings by a judge who is clearly not seeing clearly. I agree that a very, very, sad and dangerous message is being sent to the students of Southwestern College and to the community it serves. Sigh! Double Sigh!!


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