Yankeedoodle Sept. 4, 2013 @ 12:46 p.m.

Twister: You erred in admitting authorship of 'chewer', because now it is clearly within your linguistic powers to come up with a substitute for 'lapdog'. No one else need bother.


rosijoni Aug. 5, 2013 @ 8:40 p.m.

I find this a fascinating argument. I wonder just how many people still own homes in that small radius that were there in 1961 when Jack-in-the-Box built their original restaurant? Probably not many. We've bought and sold many homes in our lifetime, and it just seems that it should have been pretty obvious that this restaurant was there, that there was the subsequent traffic, odors, trucks, etc., that would naturally be a part of that reality. I can't second-guess the residents who are up in arms over this (re)building, but I also can't sympathize too much for them. If you didn't want to live near a Jack-in-the-Box, you shouldn't have purchased a home there. And personally - if I lived near that intersection, I'd be a whole lot more upset about the ramifications of the bar that is across the street at the corner of Upas and 30th. I mean, aren't there drunks at all hours of the night, cigarette odors, and probably people upchucking their beers in your yards? That would upset me more than someone wanting a taco at 10:00 PM. And while we're considering the pros and cons of this particular intersection, has anyone protested the large condominium project being built on the opposite corner? Do you have any idea where parking is going to be, how many restaurants and/or stores will be in that building? Any protests about that? I've noticed they certainly were willing to attach a large "Do the Right Thing, Jack" banner on their fence!


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