Jmbrickley April 22, 2012 @ 10:29 a.m.

There is more to the picture than you think. As you can see, Ms. Adato is extremely upset at the things John McCann just said to her. She is even using her hand to emphasize her statement that she has had enough of John. But, I want you to look at John's pose for this incident. Hands behind the back so he won't touch her accidentially, but has his face leaning into her. At the time the photo was taken, Ms. Adato was speaking to John in a loud voice. We teachers call this "our classroom voice." Ms. Adato is either crying or about to due to John's aggressive behavior towards her. If Ms. Adato is speaking so loud, why is John leaning in towards her? It isn't because he can't her her well enough. My bet is he's hoping she will accidentially touch him with her hand, so he can claim assult. This was exactly the same pose he took when he accosted me, Ms. Brinkman, and Stewart Payne. He came so close to me, I could smell his breath.

One last thing. The confrontation with Ms. Adato happened within seconds of of his run-in with Mr. Payne. As the four of us (myself, Brinkman, Cheers, and Adato) were shielding Mr. Payne from John McCann and were walking back to our cars, why did John McCann follow us and then proceed to get into Ms. Adato's face and accost her with his "Shake my hand Maty" routine? McCann has reported he felt threatened by Payne, so much he needed to call the police. If McCann was so threatened, why did he follow us? Why did he immediately launch into accosting Ms. Adato? Why did he use the same tactic on her that he had just used on Payne?

Yes, there is much more to this photo than meets the eye.


anniej April 22, 2012 @ 11:47 a.m.

thank you Mr. Brickley, for the insight. it is enlightening to read another first hand account.

i think it goes without saying that Ms. Adato is not a supporter of john mccann's, nor are any of the other 'antagonists' - so why would mccann pursue them and attempt to force himself on them. can you imagine any other politician doing this? what was his point? he had just issued them a tongue lashing on camera and then attempts to force them into shaking his hand. - BIZARRE is the only word that comes to mind.

has the board, has the superintendent, has the districts legal counsel (all i might add that WE PAY FOR) sat this man down and 'counseled' him? we can only surmise that they have - but to no avail. no mccann is on a mission and that political mission is being brought down by he himself.

a real temper tantrum thrower this guy - bet if you were to ask those he went to school with they would have some stories to tell. i remember reading a teachers account of him as a high school student, seems he has not matured much over the years - still the whiner.

hey board, look at it this way, the more he continues to attract negative attention the more your names are left out of the press. hmmmmmm, perhaps the other board members are encouraging the 'little man who wants to be king' - think i am onto something here.

just concerned what he will do when reality steps in, anyone who will allegedly attempt to scare someone with a motor vehicle - that folks is scary.

just my opinion


cvres April 22, 2012 @ 12:03 p.m.

There's a lot to catch up on. Maybe the people who went to the DA need to be put in a witness protection program.


anniej April 22, 2012 @ 6:24 p.m.

now isn't that a darn shame?

you know at the end of the day those board members and superintendent look at themselves in the mirror - oh, they can tell us their actions are above board, they can tell us everything they do is in the best interests of the students, they can tell us there was nothing to those campaign donations by all of those contractors - BUT WHAT DO THEY SAY TO THE TRUE SELF when they look back at that reflection?


joepublic May 9, 2012 @ 9:32 a.m.

It makes you wonder what screening process the district used to hire this agency, if any.


anniej May 10, 2012 @ 8:52 p.m.

Visduh: thank goodness that Payne has a Masters in Criminal Justice, or is it a PhD ? but in any event i do believe that mccann, brand, and the majority of other board members severely underestimated the concerned citizen by the name of Mr. Stuart Payne.

the attempted real damage to Mr. Payne, that was perpetrated by those involved at the district is indeed a reflection of their true vindictive nature.

if we analyze the latest two incidents they are most concerning for a variety of reasons - one of them being the financial cost. we hire a security firm that shows up toting guns they do not have permits for - and how much did this cost we taxpayers? now we see john mccann hiring an attorney to represent him for a restraining order that was found to be unsubstantiated - and again i ask how much did this cost we taxpayers in total?

brand should be held accountable for both fiascos as they fall under his jurisdiction. has the board acknowledged the truth about the security firm and the lack of licensing? these are real guns, with real bullets, on the hips of security guards that have NO authorization to carry them. WHY????????????? a school district board room, with your children in attendance - we need leadership that will make much better decisions. mccann, brand, and definitely quinones are not those leaders.

just my opinion

have they learned? probably not - the antagonists will be proceeding with caution - i am hearing neither brand nor mccann like to loose. any and all incidents of retribution, intimidation, or subliminal scare tactics, no matter how small will be documented and reported. past incidents have laid the ground work for the potential here, no group should be targeted for speaking out in favor of what is right. hopefully the issues will be left in the board room, as they should be.

just my opinion


Visduh May 10, 2012 @ 8:15 p.m.

So Brandara is spending more public dollars on this irrational and spectacular rot? He should be ashamed and quit now. But some people are shameless and never quit. Sheesh, is someone in law enforcement going to take a really good luck at this wretched excuse of a school district? Where is the attorney general in all this?


Visduh May 15, 2012 @ 4:18 p.m.

The U-T under previous ownership always would decry use of recall to remove anyone from office for "political" reasons. It would opine that recall was properly used only for misconduct or criminal acts. Well, misconduct and criminal acts are usually subject to criminal prosecution, and once there is a conviction, the miscreant is removed from office as a matter of law. If recall is so limited, why do we have it on the books? The rag never explained that.

The thinly staffed UT editorial room is not unaware of the nature of this situation. It is simply treating all this turmoil as a minor "political" matter that will go away by itself in another election cycle or two. The people of So Bay know that it won't happen that way. This is the beginning a a clean out, or purge if you prefer, of long-running and deeply embedded corruption in those districts, and very likely in the cities in So Bay.

Instead of the UT being part of the solution, it is making itself part of the problem.


anniej July 6, 2012 @ 8:45 p.m.

Joepublic: i too am frustrated, however i choose to believe that sooner or later the house of cards called sweetwater will falter - and when it does, i mean really does all hell is going to break loose. we will have national media crawling all over the place and they too will be demanding answers from those considered to be community leaders.

i look forward to the trials when bca aka paul bunton and mr flores are called to testify - no doubt there will be a seasoned prosecutor who will ask 'for the record' who else was involved? who else, even though their paper work was filled out correctly benefitted from the 'alleged' corruption. and then folks, we can bring out the new cheese flavored pop corn, pop our harvey's, pour a tall goblet, sit back and relish in a bath of truth - FINALLY.

ALLEGEDLY, for the record, for some mysterious reason bca aka paul bunton is no longer working on prop o projects - now why do you think that is???????????????????


joepublic July 6, 2012 @ 6:20 p.m.

eastlaker: It really is bothersome that no one on any civic council, board, committee, or any office holder in Chula Vista has come out and voiced an opinion, called for action, or at least called for an investigation into what has been going on in their high school district. How can you be an elected leader in your community and not advocate in their behalf?


eastlaker July 6, 2012 @ 5:02 p.m.

Interesting that he is pleading guilty.

I wonder also what the result will be from the raid on Jesus Gandara's son's home--reported here in the Reader a couple of days ago.

While I don't want to indulge in schadenfreude, I will say it is nice to know that authorities in Texas have decided to do something about some of their problems.

We need the cooperation of our own authorities now--what will it take?

What can we do to get through to the County Board of Education, the State Board of Education, the mayor's office of the city of Chula Vista, the Board of Supervisors of San Diego County? Why is it that they play at being so out of touch? Or are they really that out of touch???


anniej July 6, 2012 @ 2:29 p.m.

drug smuggling - - what next? there is nothing about the gandara family that would surprise me at this point.

what i do know is that i want to rid of our district of anything gandara, including the two board members who brought jesus gandara here - those two board members would be jim cartmill and arlie ricasa. while there were other board members who voted him in the brunt of the responsibility lies with these two - if ONLY they would have taken the time to vet him - or perhaps i am speaking out of turn - perhaps they did just that, could it be that they did vet him and maybe that is the real issue. what is it they say about birds of a feather?

the damage that has been done by this one man 'the gandara' will have long lasting effects on our entire district.


eastlaker July 30, 2012 @ 7:48 a.m.

Question of the hour: "Is the district spending money elsewhere that should be going to schools like Southwest?"

Further questions: "How is all the district money being spent? In the financial arrangement that 'regularizes' Mello-Roos and other fund payments from the county, are the funds being reinvested by the county prior to being turned over to the school district? Because, according to the pamphlet on Mello-Roos (linked to in a previous article's comment section), Mello-Roos funds are not supposed to be reinvested. But--if the county of San Diego is using the Mello-Roos fees to stabilize their own finances, and then divvying out the funds when it is convenient, there is another reason why the authorities do not want any of this stuff looked into.

Pretty sure that more straightforward accounting measures should be implemented, and that all of this should be a matter of public record, no redactions necessary, thanks so much.

So, getting back to where the money is spent...we still do not know who is investing the school district's funds, but if that is outsourced, and I am pretty sure it is, someone is making bank off the funds for schools. Again, we need to clean up and simplify--and not approve any further bond issues until everything is laid out in black and white for all to read and double check.

My mind keeps going back to that figure of over $50 million for debt management. What if that is just a payment to a firm for managing district funds? When the district is really not supposed to be investing and reinvesting, they are supposed to have funds available as needed and plan sensibly. Not indulge in a fantasy life with 'Other People's Money'.


Sweetwater's Bond Oversight Committee Calls Special Meeting

On August 8 the bond oversight committee for Sweetwater Union High School District's Proposition O convened a special meeting. The ...

anniej Sept. 8, 2012 @ 10:49 p.m.

yesterday i was told a story that sort of defines what really goes on in this district. now the story dates back a few years, but none the less it involves the leader of the district. allegedly he drove his motor home, camper (whatever) in to have body work done on it. it was suppose to be a 'class project'. funny, i was not aware that class projects included work for the leaders of this district. but again, this was a few years back..................

what mr. brickley states sort of hits the nail on the head. quinones is so lost, if it weren't an alleged crime it might be viewed as a shame. she typed those words, remember "i take care of those who take care of me" (paraphrase, see ut pdf's) well, here is a 411 for you ms. quinones - NO ONE, not brand, not mccann, not cartmill, and not ricasa are looking out for you. that piece of advice you can take to the bank. no, instead they are sitting back watching and laughing at each and every board meeting as they sit there and watch brand make a mockery of your lack of ability. now i am sure brand is offering you assurances that "they are just trying to divide us pearl, don't listen to them, they are not our friends" - well ask yourself this pearl "did we call for a no confidence vote in you?" that would be a NO. no matter how brand and the rest try and spin it THEY CONSPIRED TO BRING YOU DOWN, yet you are skipping thru the comic poppy patch as if all is well. true we are not your friends, but with the bunch you sit with up there at the table WHO NEEDS ENEMIES???????????

all: while i realize that quinones has ingested several gallons of brands kool aid, i still needed to write the words above - perhaps i will print these comments and send them to her when she is sent to one of california's finest state prison by a jury of her peers - THEN she will have more than enough time to look within and ask self the question - HOW IN THE HELL COULD I BE SO DUMB???????????? perhaps ricasa will be her celley and can then explain why they turned against her.


erupting Sept. 11, 2012 @ 8:54 a.m.

What an incredible waste of time. No white cards which are for public communication,only pink and green the pro and con cards. Confusion over what color to choose because of the ambiguous nature of the agenda. Did anyone notice that the cabinet was not at the mtg. What does that mean? I believe Brand is holding the Board hostage to get his contract. I don't want to hope. But after last nights mtg.if the board doesn't get rid of Brand I think their will be a civil obedience upheaval.


Jmbrickley Sept. 11, 2012 @ 8 a.m.

The special board meeting SUHSD held last night was one of the most poorly thought out actions taken by the board in this year. This ranks up there with the iPad program and the Southwest HS dirt fiasco.

What was Pearl Quinonez thinking when she caved-in to Brand and McCann? To call a special board meeting is to be used when something is extraordinarily important and time sensitive, To use her authority that way because the interim superintendent is throwing a hissyfit and won't come in to work IN VIOLATION OF HIS CURRENT CONTACT is just plain wrong.

Her leadership as well as her decision making process are to be questioned. It is clear that the community has had their fill of the "contractor who makes demands beyond his current contract," yet she still listens to him and does whatever he tells her to do. She is clearly in over her head and has no clue how to be a board member, let alone the president of the board.


anniej Sept. 8, 2012 @ 11:27 p.m.

hopefully the turn out - to express our major concerns over lack of representation by our board and desire to see brand go - will be massive.

mccann and cartmill are claiming that the few antagonists are the only ones with concerns. TIME TO SEND THE MESSAGE HOME--------------- we want brand gone, and NOW.

many authorities are now watching the practices of our board. if mccann, cartmill or ricasa had any illusions of grandeur that bigger and better political positions were on their horizons - well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they can kiss those illusions bye bye, and settle in for the nightmares that are headed their way.


angrybirds Sept. 11, 2012 @ 9:37 a.m.

I came to this meeting wanting to see what this hoopla is about in this district and wow did I get an eye and earful. One speaker was almost thrown out because a board member had a hissy fit when his wife's name was mentioned, well sir tell your wife to stop expressing opinions in public and she wouldn't get you into this mess.

The president is an absolute idiot who was just waiting for the two minutes that people were given to hit the gavel and go onto the next speaker she wasn't even paying attention,

The way the board was sitting it looked like little Ms. Lopez was on a deserted island or way far out in left field by herself.

This school board needs to listen a bit and stop thinking about the allegiances to people who don't support students this Brand sounds like bad news and completely ego oriented!


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